Amazing You Video

For the love of OUR WOMEN…

You’re stronger than you realise, wiser than you know and more loved than you could ever imagine.  Some of you have raised families and supported them. You’ve given love and life. You’ve given everything.  You are amazing. And you deserve to be seen and celebrated!

Everything Millers does is for the love of its women. We are on a mission to combat the issue of invisibility in the broader community for women 40+.

To mark the launch of our new mission, we made the Amazing You video that celebrates the everyday woman. These women have given life, love and care to others for decades, and they’re not embarrassed about their age or how they look. From beauty and entertainment, to fashion and film, the messaging in the market is telling women they should look younger and hide their years. We need to proudly recognise all women over 40 and celebrate their beauty, vibrancy and character – wrinkles and all.

We have always seen these women for who they truly are and looked after them in-store so they never feel invisible. Now we want the whole world to see them as we do.


  • phihai1910

    Very Good

  • ally

    Touching, realistic, emotional, inspiring & truly brilliant … keep up the great advertisements… about time xx “keep it real”

    • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

      Hi Ally,

      Thank you for watching the Amazing You video. We truly appreciate your feedback.

      Best, The Seeing Me Project

  • Darren

    Very offensive.. using “Amazing Grace” as the song.. really disrespects the song and the meaning of it all for monetary gains…you should be ashamed of yourselves .

    Darren R. Kam

    • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

      Thank You

    • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

      Hi Darren

      Thank you for watching the Amazing You video. Amazing Grace was selected
      to accompany a video that celebrates amazing, everyday women.
      Respecting the song writers original intent, we felt that one of the
      magical things about this song, and indeed many of the iconic songs
      across various musical genres that were in our selection process, is
      that they have the potential to mean so many different things to
      different people. Amazing Grace was the final selection because we want
      women to feel proud of who they are and who they’ve become. They’ve
      given love, they’ve given life. They deserve to feel amazing because
      they are amazing!

      Best, The Seeing Me Project

      • Deborah Wilson

        Sorry I have to agree with Darren. Just seen this advert on NZ T.V. This song is fundamentally about the Christian teaching of Grace- forgiveness through Christ. It resonates deeply with Biblical messages. I had real problems associating it in any way with your commercial message. I’m all for empowering women and I love your overall message about valuing women of all ages but using this song
        as a background to a commercial is offensive to Christians and seems religiously illiterate and culturally ignorant. Would you offend Muslims or Sikhs for example in the same way?

        • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

          Hi Deborah,

          Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your opinion. Amazing Grace certainly is a beautiful and powerful song that has been recorded many times during and since the 20th century, appearing on popular music charts on a number of occasions.
          We are glad the message of valuing women of all ages has resonated with you. This campaign marks an exciting step for Millers, our customers and we hope everyday women in general. We see
          so many beautiful women in our stores from all manner of cultural, ethnic,religious and national backgrounds and identities and they all deserve to be seen
          and celebrated! Best, The Seeing Me Project

          • K.

            More importantly..who is singing the song? Incredible note singer.

  • brandmail

    Great to see a business taking the time to really understand their customers, promote them and what they stand for in a caring way. Go Millers!

    • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

      Thank You 🙂

    • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

      Thank You 🙂

  • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

    Hi Ally,
    Thank you for watching the Amazing You video. We truly appreciate your feedback.
    Best, The Seeing Me Project

  • betty

    I agree totally with Darren and Deborah about using Amazing Grace. Dont like your choice at all.
    Does Millers also realise that some of us mature women have not had children? We havent brought life into this world? You are stereotyping mature women.

    • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

      Hi Betty,
      Thank you for watching the Amazing You video.
      The Amazing You video illustrates our mission to combat the issue of invisibility in the broader community for mature women. We want to showcase our wonderful everyday Millers customers; absolutely including mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunties – they all deserve to be seen and celebrated! Best, The Seeing Me Project

      • catherine

        who is more invisible a married woman who has had children and husbands and top careers in their youth and social indulgences or their children who have been pushed down by mothers who abuse their daughters out of jealousy- its harder today to get a husband or job, but still these old hags never get enough … i mean i dont get sex i was abused by a dirty old man at 5 and still am not allowed a husband and my mother was insanely jealous of me losing weigh that i might get husband and she did all she could to make me a fat dog then preachers att me how i should think and is competitive and abusive tto me to the point of pushing baby bottle brushes down my mouth chocking me then attacks me for needing an ambulance or the women who are like me in their 40s never had a husband no kids on a disability pension with significant illness daily, socially dis-guarded, sexually and emotionally neglected, never allowed to cry and has a mother that yells at me everytime i am ill and attacks me physically and yet abusive to her husband who has prostrated cancer and is a selfish woman who constantly tells me no man will ever want a dog like me and what shit i am and helps other peoples kids gain careers and men and abuses her own child, and have no voice who were sexually abused for 15 years and no one seems to care yet old women who have been married and spoiled seem to not ever have enough of anything from tthe SELFISH GENERATION after the war when it was cool to be suddenly a teenager in the 50s

    • Christine Morrissy

      Betty, thanks for mentioning that we haven’t all had children or husbands; I still consider myself a real woman, but not only in this advertisement am I made to feel maybe okay but not amazing because I haven’t “given life”. Often I feel single, childless women like myself are unwelcome and pushed aside; I should remain invisible because I’m not worth being seen. I’ve loved dressing in Millers clothes for many, many years, and must wonder now why Millers hasn’t been seeing Me! And, I certainly hope in future ads not only are women like me at least given a mention, but that also the background music is changed from a Christian hymn to a song more connected to marketing.

  • Heather Thomas

    Do not like the Amazing Grace theme at all.Referring to women as a lost wretch who needs Gods salvation? Read the full hymn.Choosing a strong emotive theme with religious connotations may not produce the emotional response that marketing is looking for.Australia is an increasingly secular society.Check the census figures for that.SLOP.

    • Rose, the Seeing Me Project x

      Hi Heather,
      Thanks for watching the Amazing You video. Amazing Grace was selected as the song can mean so many different things to different people. Whilst the song selection may not be to your liking, we do appreciate you visiting the seeing me project site and getting involved in the discussion. Best, Rose

    • catherine

      i have to agree with you heather on this one, I find the song also to be over-done and annoying and think an original song should be used or something light with no particular meaning – Amazing Grace an over used song and is a sad depressing song often sung at funerals and is over saturatingly negative and boring and has little humility in it other then biblical negligence … and it is does have overtones as you pointed out. I mean would you used DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY ? or BIG GIRLS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL? when maybe a sweet song with no previous association to a concept mighty be better, a classical version of say a song like SHE”‘s GOT the look by roxette would be just as interesting. or a poet saying the words of lord byron- she walks in beauty like the night with some light delicate harp sounds or something… would be better if i was organizing the campaign. i just came from a choir that were singing it and found their songs depressing, deathly and offensive and morbid but never told them to be polite but the conductor was rude and unhelpful to me and made fun of my disability needs as i suffer from ptsd from abuse yet her concert is supposed to be helping people – very two faced like the song amazing grace- its a two faced song… women are not wrenches and some look like witches on the video, I am not sure what the seeing me project can hope to gain exactly but i guess the thought is there… I am very sensitive to poses in advertising and dislike smerky or frowns and scowling faces or giggling looking models and models with looks that appear to be almost insulting the audience. being the victim of many violent women who have assaulted me its an over assuming thing that all women are loving life giving beings. the song has too much southern american drull to it as well that i find depressing and draining and dragging. many women dont feel saved by grace at all and i have had illness and abuse and have no husband and feel like a nobody to the world born to be pushed down, but i still can’t feel the need to apply that song tto my life … i am yet to see amazing grace in any woman or thing in this world yet!

  • Soosharon Iosia

    Amazing colour I love it, it’s my favorite.

  • Barbara Chapman

    Beautiful song, great thoughts behind the theme

  • O’Dette Fisher

    For those women who feel they were left out, how can you say that? Even if you have not had children, you are someone’s daughter. You must have given love to someone, at some time. A friend, a niece, a cousin or a child somewhere. If you were abused, I cannot imagine your pain but know this, right now I feel immense love for you and know that no matter what your abuser says you are a worthy human being. You do have the strength to pull yourself up out of their hateful aura. Perhaps Amazing Grace didn’t appeal to all, if not then think of the words of that wonderful song by Helen Reddy “l am Woman” and make that your anthem. God bless all of you?

    O’Dette Fisher