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We are exited to introduce you to our brand new guest Beauty Editor, Janet Muggivan. Janet has over 30 years’ experience and is as passionate today as the day she started, Janet’s beauty philosophy relates to women’s CONFIDENCE!

An expert in the beauty industry has been something we have been searching for, for a long time. Millers is all about style, outfitting and combining the latest fashion trends with ultimate comfort. However we have always wanted that perfect match in the beauty business… and then we met Janet!


Here is her first Beauty Blog for us… enjoy and tell us what you think.

Confidence = Beauty

For me, beauty and confidence are completely intertwined.
Women’s confidence comes into it’s own usually after about 40. It’s largely a psychological beauty, if you like. We’ve had all the usual thrills that life throws our way,… health issues, relationship woes, financial hardships, career dramas, but we come out the other side knowing who we are and hopefully, stronger and better for those troubles. Think about women in your life who you consider beautiful. You may be surprised to realize that they are actually not actually classically beautiful, but rather confident in their own skin. That confidence is beautiful.


The most common problem for many women as we age is we lose confidence in HOW to apply makeup. The makeup we’ve been wearing when we were younger just doesn’t seem to be working as well. There are a lot of reasons for this. Our face has literally changed. Loss of volume in our faces, lines, thinning brows, our hair greys, etc. The tutorials the young girls do don’t work on us, and can actually make us look older than we are. We don’t want to be “hard sold” at stores. The millions of tutorials out there are mostly done by young girls. Therefore, for many of us, beauty just gets put in the” too hard” basket. However with a little brush up on beauty, you can feel empowered and confident. Find out the new products categories available and better techniques for mature women and Beauty can be your best weapon. This is the exact reason I created Beauty Dossier. It’s a place where women over 40 can learn the “new basics” in the privacy of their own homes. All the looks we do are modern, natural and flattering. Nothing overly done. Just fresh and modern. And SIMPLE!


The beauty I am interested in is REAL beauty, borne of a woman’s individuality. Embrace what makes you different. Freckles? Fantastic. A nose with character? Bring it on! A few wrinkles, yay! Turn them into laughter lines with good skincare. For example, when I look at Meryl Streep’s face now, I think there is a gorgeous woman! She has wrinkles, a little grey hair but her eyes are alive and she is usually laughing. She is not a classic beauty, but to me she is absolutely radiant.

In a world where we are all pulled in a million directions between family, work and friends, a few minutes each day on skincare where you are looking after YOU, is psychologically therapeutic as well as having visible benefits for your complexion.
Then, if you feel better with a few makeup products well applied, your confidence and therefore your presence, is at it’s highest. I know personally if I am feeling a bit flat or tired, once I have applied my makeup I automatically feel better.


I believe real women don’t want, or need to look perfect. They just want to look the best possible version of themselves. For some that might mean nothing more than Sunscreen and lip balm. I know friends who don’t wear any makeup, but they take great care of their skin, perhaps have their brows professionally done regularly, and they take care of their hair.
For others, it’s red lips and dark lashes. The perfect thing about beauty as we get older is we get to write our own script. We get to determine what we feel makes us look and feel our best.


If my philosophy sounds like it connects to yours, join me each week here at the Seeing Me Project as I break down beauty for women 40+ into bite sized topics and clearly decipher all the jargon so when you shop for beauty, you know exactly what YOU need.

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