Behind the scenes Hair ‘How-To’

On-set hair stylist Isabella Schimid shares her insider hair product must have plus gives some tips on how to achieve Le-Ellens relaxed waves.

It’s hard to believe that the lovely Le-Ellen’s flowing locks were actually a close cropped do not long ago. Since growing her hair, it’s become a key feature of Le-Ellens’ look, though she does admit to not always being able to style her tresses. Enter styling expert Isabella armed with a flat iron (e.g. GHD) and hairspray.


“To achieve Le-Ellen’s look, section the hair into 3 inch pieces and twist around the iron” she advises. “Around the face area, twist the curls outward and spray with a little flexible hold hairspray”. For the rest of the hair at the back, “curls can be twisted both outward and inward, mixing the direction of the curls to get a natural, elegant look”. Curl from mid length to the ends, keeping the top of the hair out of the curling iron. If you can’t quite master curling with the flat iron, using a curling iron is fine, though Isabella recommends a thicker iron to give the loose, elegant waves similar to Le-Ellen’s.


Finally, her hair product must have? “Dry Shampoo is a must have” Isabella advises, “ it cleanses the hair in-between washes, gives additional volume and revitalises lank locks”. It can also be used pre-styling. Simply spray 30cm from the hair, focusing on the root area. Let the product sit for 1 minute, massaging gently then follow by gently brushing through hair.


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