Cheat Pavlova

Cheats Pavlova

Pressed for time? Want to impress the family on Christmas? Or perhaps you are delegating dessert to some teenage helpers? Have them follow this ‘cheat’ guide to assembling a posh pav that looks like it’s come straight from the Maggie Beer kitchen!

We use a pre-made base that means you add your cream and fruits of choice. Note, the Woolworths gold pavlova base comes out seasonally, we preferred the Vanilla Bean variety. Play around with the ingredient combinations, swapping out the nectarines and fresh cherries for mixed berries and mint for a zesty treat.

1 x Woolworths Gold Vanilla Bean pavlova base
200 grams double cream
50 grams shelled pistachio nuts (try for unsalted)
100 gram tub raspberry coulis
1 Pomegranate
2 Passionfruits (or use the tin passionfruit)
4 Fresh Figs cut into 1/8
200 grams fresh cherries
3 white nectarines cut into 1/8
Cacao nibs (if feeling decadent!)


Place half raspberry coulis,  half of the pomengraneate seeds and half of the pistachio nuts on the base, evenly distributed.

Arrange fruit slices evenly on top.

Place small desert spoonfuls of the double cream evenly in spaces, not too thickly and have some cream on the side for those who want more.

Finish with a light sprinkle of the coulis, pistachios and all of the passionfruit on top. Add the cacao nibs as the finale.


Have a recipe you would like to share? Let us know your favourite and we could share it on this site.