Christmas getaway

Looking for a last minute Christmas break? Look no further with these top tips for an Australasia getaway on a budget. Now’s the time to book

Tip 1: Explore Airbnb
If you are planning a getaway in Australia or aboard there is one place you must visit for accommodation ideas at that is the website phenomenon Airbnb. This amazing and easy to use website is perfect if you have a budget in mind. Filter it for how much you want to spend a night, where you want to go and press search. And let the inspiration amaze you. We love the authentic appeal it has – and if you love a nose like us, staying at other peoples home will feel like such a treat. Find out more here.


Tip 2: Go Glamping 
Camping isn’t for everyone we get it, but camping doesn’t have to be cheap and uncomfortable. There is some absolutely beautiful camping or what we like to call it ‘glamping” options in Australia and new zealand. There is some amazing experinces to be had from just $129 a night. Check out the super simple website Glamping hub for all the inspiration you need here.
Our favourite place to go for NSW is the unique luxury Safari tent rentals with private balcony on Greenwell Point, New South Wales. FInd out more here.


Tip 3: What’s on your door step
We are biased but we do know how lucky we are to live in one of the most gorgeous countries in the world. With this in mind remember to look at what’s on your door step. You might just be an hour away in the car and you could be in a paradise you forgot was even there. Driving to or some of the way for your trip can save so much if you have a bigger family.
If you are Queensland based we would always consider the stunning Great Barrier Reef, with thousands of breathtaking reefs and hundreds of islands to explore, what a exciting trip to see countless species of colourful fish, molluscs and starfish, plus turtles, dolphins and sharks. For inspiration click here.


Tip 4: Pack your food supplies
This might sound silly to some but if holidaying in Australia or New Zealand pack your favourite dry and packaged foods. I always say delve into your cupboard and load up, you would be surprised how much money you could save by packing the kids favourite snacks. Holidays can really be expensive and if you are staying somewhere self catering why not leave space in the case for the essentials.


Tip 5: Pack light
Yes we all know this and heard it before? But how many of us actually do this? How many of us pack more shoes than we’re ever going to wear? 4 swimsuits when we are only staying 3 nights? And more dresses when we would need for a 3 week holiday for a weekend away. Our tip is to try on every outfit you want to bring and if you can’t plan it for an outing you have booked or a day you will be away then you should put it back in the cupboard. Pack light and it will give you more room to put in your food essentials and this will ultimately save you more.


Have a happy Christmas Getaway

Laura – Seeing Me Project Editor