Christmas is…

This week in the Millers support office and our stores we had some festive fun and asked our Millers team what Christmas means to them…

“Sharing love & the Christmas spirit. It’s the time of the year where you can EAT all you want!! A time to be grateful always.”


“Christmas time is all about family, I just love having that quality time with the whole family. I don’t get to see my dear nan that often but when I do it’s like we’ve never been a part.” – Lucy


“Laughter , love , friendship and happiness is what Christmas is all about.” – Joe


“Christmas is really special to me, I had my daughter in December so I like to celebrate all month long. The spirit of Christmas once you get in to it can really lift you.” – Mary


“This year Christmas for me is going to be very memorable, it is our first with our grandchildren coming from overseas so we have the whole Santa routine to organise Christmas night – reindeer munched carrots, chewed up grass left in the water bucket and fake reindeer hoof prints to leave on the lawn. Of our seven children only two have had children themselves at this point – not sure who is more excited [the grandchildren] or the Aunties and Uncles arranging the whole Santa event! I’ve drawn the line at fake reindeer poop ;)” – Andrea


“It’s about spreading the love and peace to everyone. There is plenty to give and share.” – Kate


“Family coming together wether it’s extended or for someone who doesn’t have family. Bringing joy in the world and giving back to the less fortunate.” – Margaret


We would love you to share your festive spirit with us, simply send us a photo and tell us what Christmas means to you. Send it to or scroll down after this blog and leave a comment. Any photos shared may go on to all Millers social media platforms.


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Laura – Seeing Me Project Editor