Find the perfect fit

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be quite a challenge, with so many fits/lengths/fabrics/colours it can make it hard to know where to even begin. We have put together some top tips to help you find that perfect fit…

1. The most important thing is the fit, followed by the fabric, and then the style. Feel the fabric first as this will give you an idea of how comfortable they will be, and then if you like the feel, try them on. We recommend trying our 5 pocket jean (pictured above), the clever darting detail sculpts and lifts in all the right places (amazing!).

2. Skinny jeans and jeggings can look flattering on everyone. They’re perfect for layering under a tunic and you can wear them with heels, flats or pumps depending on what look you want to achieve. Millers has a range of jegings from full length to crop. Shop jeggings here.

3. Be courageous and try something new, you could be surprised how well another style suits you, we love these cord jeggings, they add style and make change to the regular jegging. You can dress them up with a lace shirt and heels, or simply wear them with a casual top and flats.

4. Ask for help in our stores, our lovely ladies know your body type and can sift through stock to find something that suits

5. Think about the pocket, does it look right? (you don’t want the pocket sitting wrong, does it make your bottom look bigger?)

6. Stretch fabric is generally better than stiff. It’s a more comfortable and the fabric technology today means jeans can look like a rigid fabric, but actually have some stretch in it

7. Jeans should fit quite snugly, they should go on tight but they will stretch out. However for those that want an easy pair to pull on then I recommend trying a relaxed pull on jean, they have an elasticated waist which makes them easy to pull on, and flattering side pockets. See Millers Full Length Relaxed Jean.

8. Find the right rise for your body type, from low, mid or high. We recommend trying them on and deciding what you feel most comfortable in

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Shop, love, enjoy

Charlotte M- Seeing Me Blogger