How I Met Noodle the Poodle

I always tell people how I met my dog Noodle is a perfect example of the movie Sliding Doors in real life. It always felt like Noodle found me rather than the other way around. For this, I’m always thankful. It has been the best thing ever happened to me!


The journey leading up to finding Noodle was never easy. The struggles started from my childhood time. I almost had a puppy when I was nine but my father withdrew his permission (to let me have a dog) at the very last minute, just as I was about to walk out the door to adopt a puppy offered by a neighbour.

However my dream of having a dog never died. Fast forward to February 2012. After living together for a year, my ex partner and I decided we were ready to become dog parents.  We opted for a black miniature poodle because we wanted something beautiful, non-shedding and match the colour of our new couch. I know, guilty of charge for being so vain! We thought we found a pup but missed out by a few hours to another family. Ouch, that was heart breaking.


Just as I was feeling despair, I stumbled upon the Poodle Club of Victoria website and found a contact name that almost made me fall of the chair – Neville H.  Oh My Dog! Neville was my hairdresser of many years back in my Melbourne days, whom I haven’t spoken to for over six years since I moved to Sydney! What a super coincidence! Neville put me in touch with his poodle club contacts in Sydney. One thing led to another, I finally had the love of my life, Noodle the poodle in my arms.

The entire journey wasn’t smooth sailing but it was a magical one. It really made me believe that great things happen for a reason. You can read the full story of how Noodle and I found each other in my blog article ‘How I Met My Dog’.

If Sliding Doors is the movie of how Noodle and I met, I believe the movie we are living in now is an original one, one that’s directed and starred by just the two of us. This guy has been my inspiration and pawtner in crime since 2012. He is the one that led me to my ultimate dream career – dog fashion. And I think he’s really into fashion himself!


Since he was a young pup, Noodle has shown evidence that makes me believe he loves fashion:

1. Noodle loves playing with fabrics since he was a baby, especially when I was folding laundry. He would jump up and down and grab them with his mouth and drag them around the house. I think he really really loves fabric design!

2. If there’s a piece of clothing on my bed, you bet he will be there lying on top of it, despite there’s plenty of room to lie on the entire queen size bed.

3. Noodle has special interest in shorts. He loves stealing my shorts from the towel rail EVERY SINGLE TIME when I’m in the shower. Maybe he likes summer collection more?

4. He knows how to get dressed, well, at least he knows how to lift his front legs to get through the armholes when I put a jumper in front of him!


If you have a dog, I’d love to hear how you found him or her? Did you adopt, or did you find them through a breeder? Or did they turn up on your doorsteps on day asking if they can stay? Please comment below.

Thank you and have a beautiful day.