Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador: Lyn

Meet single mum Lyn & daughter Casey. The Tasmanian two share a  special relationship. Casey is proud of her mum for training to become a nurse whilst raising both herself and brother. These two are both so similar (although they would never admit it!)


A Day in the Life of a Millers Ambassador

The staff at Millers had to work hard to convince me that I had won the Mothers’ Day campaign! I was sure it was a hoax. I can’t win a chook in a raffle, let alone win an all expenses paid trip to Sydney for myself and my daughter to film a T.V. commercial… and what a thrill it turned out to be!

The staff at Millers were so welcoming, friendly and caring and took care of every detail of our journey. They went “above and beyond” in their care of us throughout our time with them.


It was a 6 a.m. start: hair styling, make-up, donning outfits and jewellery and shoes, still shots, interview, and a T.V. commercial: all put together by Millers’ staff with great humour, a calm approach and a feeling of a job well done with genuine praise and encouragement from all the 3 crews involved.

The day turned out to be very hot, not what we are used to in Tassy, so again all the staff stepped in to make sure we were very well looked after: breakfast on location, morning tea, lunch and plenty of cool drinks throughout the day, we even had a friendly chap who was assigned to shade us with a large umbrella in between takes.

Regular make-up and hair touch-ups throughout the day and multiple changes into the wonderful Millers outfits, all combined with smiles and laughter. The day got hotter on location at Vaucluse House but tempers never frayed!


It was an experience we’ll never forget: just for one day, Millers allowed us to feel like real models. A sneak peek at photos later in the day made us double-take! Was that really us?

We came home to Tassy the next day and couldn’t stop talking about our experience with family and friends. We will cherish it forever, a once in a lifetime experience. Secretly though, I would like to do it again!

I loved being pampered and loved being made feel to special! And I can’t wait for Mothers’ Day, I’ll be straight into my local Millers outlet as I have my eye on one of the gorgeous jackets I modelled.


Thank you again Millers, it was magical!