‘Live simple, dream big, laugh lots and give love.’

How old are you?

Just turned 40, and I’m still not used to saying that!

Tell us about your family

I’ve been married to my best friend for 8 years and have three ‘fur-kids’!

Do you have a career?
I’ve been in executive recruitment, sales & training since graduating from Arizona State University.

Describe your style. How does it reflect your day-to-day life?
I love a touch of boho. Casual, simple, probably minimalist yet practical & fun. I love a good pair of heels! I like to think I’m still trendy, but will always have a few classic staples!

Did your style evolve as you got older?
Of course, and hopefully always will be. Trendy!

What do you enjoy about life?

What’s not to enjoy? Even the tough times make the not-so-tough that much sweeter!

How does it feel to be involved with the Seeing Me Project?

Surreal! I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other women models & the Millers team, playing with clothes & accessories, and being a part of such a tremendous campaign!

Have you enjoyed yourself so far?

Absolutely – I love the opportunity for new experiences and engaging with new people

What message do you want to give other women? Be yourself, in no matter what way…your clothing style, in your relationships, in the dreams/goals you pursue. Life’s too short not to.

Finish these sentences:

I’m grateful for Life, health, family, friends, my husband, sunshine…way too many things to list!

I’m happiest when… I’m connected to my favourite people…laughing, sharing, experiencing.

I’m most comfortable when… I’m connected. Connected to myself, to my surroundings, to the moment, to my people…

I’m proud of…  I’m incredibly proud of what wonderful, wonderful human beings my nieces and nephews have become and are becoming. Though I do think my dogs are pretty cute 🙂

Finish one of the following – Shopping is….. OR Clothes are…. OR Style means

Style is an expression of oneself. That’s it. It’s not a competition, it doesn’t need to be complicated. I think sometimes women get caught up in finding/having just ‘the right’ style or ‘the best’ style, however I think the ‘best’ or ‘right’ style for you is YOURS. It’s that simple.