Karen Chaston: On a Journey to Becoming Her Own Best Friend


Hello everyone, my name is Karen Chaston and I am one of seven women chosen to be part of the “Millers & Me” campaign featuring real women.

Like many women living in the 21st century I wear many hats – wife, mother, author, radio host, ‘BraveHeart Women Resonator’, former CFO of a publicly listed company. Though my most favourite newfound role is being “My own Best friend”, something that has only really occurred over that last few years, when I was 50+.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing my journey in a weekly blog and some tips I have picked up along the way that may assist you to start your journey to becoming your own best friend.

My Awakening

Surprisingly, it took Dan’s death (one of my beautiful, amazing sons) for me to become more aware, grateful, healthier, energised and live in my Essence.

On Sunday 10th July 2011, Andrew (husband) and I awoke to find Dan, one of our twin sons, passed out at our back door. Unfortunately, our first thoughts of him being unconscious were unfounded. He had actually fallen over when he had come home around 2 a.m. and he passed away.

After the funeral, I immediately went back to work and engrossed myself into my job, working even longer hours. Then 15 months later, the best thing happened, I chose redundancy when two companies merged and I was offered a reduced salary for basically doing the same role.

At least I had enough sense to honour me, though probably it was Dan’s guided awareness!!

BraveHeart Women Involvement

Within weeks, I found myself at a BraveHeart Women (BHW) LA conference – RiseLA2012.

For four days I nodded in agreement as Ellie Drake (founder) shared many gems, like:

– Key to joy, prosperity and fulfilment; Live your life on Purpose – Personally, Professionally and Globally;
– Move from survival to thriving
– Adrenalin does not work in a woman’s body
– Say NO, to misaligned projects and people; gain extra time and energy
– Learn to receive, starting with a compliment, prosperity will follow
– Say YES, to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. The discomfort (providing it’s legal) is your comfort zone trying to keep you small. (So glad I walk my talk, otherwise I would never had said yes to the Millers new brand campaign, and therefore would not be writing this blog!!)

At the end of the conference, I jumped at the opportunity to become a BHW Resonator and start building community in Australia.

Upon Reflection

It is always interesting to look into the mirror, notice who you’ve become and then reflect upon who stared back just a few short years ago.

With this in mind let’s look at my current one sentence bio:

 Karen Chaston, Inspiring women to become their own best friend, which allows them to be more aware, grateful, healthier, energised and live in Essence

And first sentence of the longer version:

Karen is a wife, mother, author, speaker and former Chief Financial Officer of a publicly listed company who knows
first- hand what adrenalin (specifically stress) does to a woman’s body…..

As opposed to my previous bio:

Karen is a Chief Financial Officer of a publicly listed company who is also a wife and mother.

To which my authentic self would have added:

Whilst Karen is perceived to be very successful, actually she is living a ground hog day existence, working, eating, and drinking too much, always in  fight mode, her masculine totally denying her feminine side,  running on empty, not fulfilled, not understanding that adrenalin in a woman’s body causes  burnout, exhaustion, and disconnectedness.

My Philosophy

You are the only one you will spend your entire life with so when are you going to stop beating yourself up, playing small, and become the person you came here to be? Now is the time to start the Journey to Becoming Your Own Best Friend.”

Be well until next week, when I’ll continue sharing more of my journey and my newfound tools.

In the meantime, I look forward to your interaction, any questions and all sorts of feedback, as that is how I grow and thrive.

With Love and Gratitude

Karen Chaston


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