Passionate about inspiring women in business. Author. Lover of life. Mad for Millers.

How old are you? 58

Describe your style. How does it reflect your day-to-day life? I now wear more dresses, skirts and even long flowing things. I love to feel sensual, even if it’s just wearing special underwear just for me. I dress for the occasion.

Did your style evolve as you got older? Yes. Previously, I would mainly wear black and trousers, now I wear colour, flowing things and dresses. Being more in touch with my feminine side has allowed me to be more intuitive, connected, sensual, collaborative, joyous, fun and open to infinite possibilities. 

How does it feel to be inspiring women through your books? I love it. After growing up in a family with 5 sisters and 1 brother, I never thought that I would be a role model who would inspire women. Most of my adult life was spent in the corporate world competing with men. I love my newfound awareness, though more importantly, I love that I can assist women to come to this awareness at a much earlier age. The tools I provide assist women to fulfil all their dreams and desires

How does it feel to be involved with the Seeing Me Project? I’m absolutely thrilled. I have loved everyone who’ve been involved, especially loved working with the Miller’s team and all the stylists.

Have you enjoyed yourself so far? It’s been fantastic. Been great to have the behind the scenes experience and dress up for a day!!

What message do you want to give other women? If something comes into your space and it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, say YES!!! The discomfort is your comfort zone keeping you small. I am so glad that I answered YES to this call out. It’s been an amazing experience, though more importantly I have had fun, met new people, had uniquely different experiences and who knows what will happen next. Live your life, stop living a ground-hog day as I used to do in my corporate life!!

Finish these sentences:

I’m grateful for…Dan, my son, passing four years ago so I could become the woman I am today. I now get to spend each day with Dan even though he is not in this realm. He is my guide and I love everything he has assisted me to create.

I happiest when… I can share my story, awareness and newfound tools so I can inspire women to begin their journey to becoming their own best friend.

I’m most comfortable when… I live in the present moment and spend the first 45 minutes of each day doing my daily ritual and tools

I’m proud of my children… as they have grown into great men and I really enjoy spending time with them.

Finish one of the following – Shopping is….. OR Clothes are…. OR Style means… being your unique self, owning it no matter what anyone else has to say about it!!