Le-Ann’s Summer Style

With the temperature soaring, this week we are discussing summer looks to keep you cool and comfortable. We asked Le-Ann, one of our Millers ambassadors, to tell us her favourite styles for summer.


Q: With summer just around the corner, we can almost taste the ice cream! Do you and Jan have any summer traditions that you do every year?

L: I will normally visit Jan in Brisbane, take the train into the city and down to South Bank. First stop we would go and see an art gallery, then have a coffee break in a nice café and then it’s time to hit the shops! Got to love city shopping!

Q: What would be your go-to summer outfit?

L: I love to combine style and comfort with a detailed sleeve or neckline! So I would be wearing light fabric, probably a dress, with some simple accessories and sandals.

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Q: What would be your go-to summer accessories?

L: Although anyone who knows me well, will say how much I love costume jewellery! My go-to everyday accessories would be my silver hoop earrings – they just go with everything.

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Q: What is your favourite swimwear style to wear and why?

L: Well I recently brought a halter-neck swimsuit and when I wear it, I feel so free and ready for the waves – I love it! I also love tankinis, I find them really comfortable and I love the fact they come in so many gorgeous designs and colours. I tend to go for block colours, anything navy or black. I may even try to mix up my beach wear this summer with florals and nauticals!

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Q: Where is your favourite beach to visit in the summer?

L: I’m so fortunate to live right near some beautiful beaches and rivers. My favourite would have to be Mudjimba Beach! It’s a special place that Jan and I always walk along in the summer, chatting about all the latest goings on in our lives and just enjoying each others company.


Q: If we spotted you at the beach, what would we finding you wearing?

L: A block colour tankini or one piece, and a pink or orange kaftan (beautiful summer colours) – definitely no shoes. Oh and I’d definitely have my floppy hat and oversized sunnies to make me feel glamorous!


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Q: What are your essential beach bag items?

L: I just love those straw beach bags, so I’d definitely have one of those. I’d also pack my sun cream, big floppy hat and I am just loving the round beach towels at the moment – and I’m ready to go.


Q: We’ve heard you love to cook, do you have a favourite summer recipe you’d like to share with us?

L: Actually my favourite recipe is for entertaining doesn’t involve any cooking…

Q: What cocktail would you be most likely sipping on by the pool?

L: I’m more into mocktails…especially any with watermelon in! But if I had to choose…I’d go for an ice cold glass of beautiful champagne or baileys poured over cracked ice.



Beach vs pool?


Floaty skirt vs shorts?

Floaty skirts

Bold colour vs busy print?

Bold colour

Favourite ice-cream flavour?

Macadamia nut (or caramel!)

Heels or wedges?