This season at Millers, we want to celebrate the joy, and capture all the determination and laughs of our Millers family.

We wanted a statement that builds the Millers community and encourages everyone to share the good things in their lives – not just the hardships.

With this in mind we are excited to launch a brand new campaign that is a celebration of life. LIVE it LOUD!

Live it Loud encourages women to step out and be confident. With that in mind and from our hearts, we tell the next chapter of the Millers story through a manifesto for our women, by our women.


Darling, I’m just getting started!

40 is the new glamorous. 

50 the new fabulous. 

And 60? Well, let’s just say, step aside,



All these years, I haven’t been growing up,

I’ve just been warming up, 

and now it’s time to DIAL IT UP.

To be SEEN, to be HEARD, 

and be counted. 

That’s Living it LOUD.


When you go arm-in-arm

with your family and dearest friends 

you become FEARLESS. 

Nothing can stop you.


I’m ready. Now is my moment

to love it all and 


We want to know how you and your

best friend LIVE it LOUD?

Every entry will be in for the chance of winning a Millers makeover, with photo and video shoot. This all inclusive trip in Australia will see you and your best friend feature in a Millers advertising campaign. Just tell us how you LIVE it LOUD.

PLUS, we have a bonus prize! We have a $100 Millers Gift Card to give away every month for one lucky entry!