Meet Bridget – Millers Ambassador

Bridget has worked with Millers for going on 15 years. She’s been fortunate enough to have worked across several roles including Store Manager, Visual Merchandiser, and in recent years has come full circle back as Store Manager of Hornsby and is loving every moment of it!


C: How would you describe yourself in 4 words?



C: We are here today to shoot the Millers Ambassadors Campaign, what did you think of today?

B: It has been an honour. An absolute privilege and I was over the moon when I got asked. I’ve been with Millers for 15 years and this is just another opportunity that they’ve given me and I’ve been embracing it and I’m having a ball.


C: What do you think when you look at women’s fashion campaigns these days?

B: I work in store and I look at these campaigns every day… I admire them, and I can visualize myself in the clothes. Using the right woman, for the right job should be paramount.


C: Our first Real Women Campaign developed naturally as our customers were telling us they felt invisible or forgotten about in the fashion world. What are your thoughts on feeling “invisible”?

B: I don’t feel invisible as I’ve got choices. And while you’ve got the choice- there’s no way you can feel invisible. I usually wear bright and colourful prints and that makes me happy.


C: Tell us about your customers.

B: Our Millers customers are genuine, sincere… and they LOVE to chat!

They love to be styled, she will come in and ask me, “Look, I’ve got this dinner to go. Can you help me?”. That’s the fun part about my job, we love styling our customers and giving her something she can look and feel beautiful in. They’ll come back in after and tell us where their outfits have taken them. She will bring in pictures and share with us the amazing holidays and places she’s travelled to in our Millers clothing! Or the local choir will send us a picture of them all in the same top! It’s amazing!


C: So you have worked in our stores 15 years, that’s a long time. Our customers are very loyal, many have shopped with us for many years- have you made any friendships through this time?

B: I still see people that I have served for over 10 years! I’ve worked in a few locations and I can honestly say that our customers travel and visit all our stores.

We talk about everything from their family, to children, to grandchildren. So you do form friendships with these people and you don’t even know they’re happening.


C: This campaign ‘Our Winter Escape’ is about escaping the Winter blues. Where do you escape to during winter?

B: Last June I went on a 10 day tour through China and it was amazing! It’s not somewhere that’s been on my wishlist, but I am a person who really takes on opportunity. It came across me in the paper one day, we liked the look of it and we booked it right then and there. It was absolutely amazing, we saw the Terracotta Warriors, walked the Great Wall, ate delicious traditional cuisines and had the best time.


C: What are you key essential pieces you take on holiday?

B: If I’m going to a beach, I bring cotton tops, cotton pants, and of course a wrap to go over my swimmers. I love anything cotton!

And if I’m going overseas, everything has to be easily packed. Jeggings are great cause I can fold them up into nothing. And colourful print tops, and a lightweight jacket is a must.