Meet Le-Ann – Millers Ambassador

Meet Le-Ann. Doting mother, loving wife and best friend to Jan.

One of our new Millers Ambassadors!



Millers Ambassadors

This summer Millers is proudly celebrating friendship, as without our BFF’s life would be a lot less fun! After hearing all about Le-ann and Jan’s special 50 years of friendship, we had to invite them to be part of our new brand ambassador team.

We thought we would sit down with Le-Ann to get all the gossip about her and Jan’s extraordinary friendship.


Q: What made you enter the Millers Ambassador competition?

L: I saw the message come through on my emails and I thought, well why not. I didn’t hear back for a while, and didn’t think any more of it. Until one day I received an email saying we were finalists! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I phoned Jan straight away and was greeted with happy cries and giggles down the phone.


Q: Do you remember the first time you met Jan?

L: Yes! It was like it was yesterday. One rainy day our grandmother took us both to The Shingle Inn Café and from that moment on we couldn’t stop talking, discussing hair styles and singing together using hairbrushes as microphones…as ten year old girls do! As cliché as it sounds, I think we both knew from that moment on that we were going to be best friends. Although Jan and I are blood relatives, somehow I know that we would have found each other in this small world, probably in a Millers Store, and come together as life-long friends.

Q:  What does friendship mean to you?

L: Absolute honesty and loyalty. I can always rely on Jan to give me her honest (and sometimes brutal!) opinion. I know that Jan would move heaven and earth through difficult times for me and she knows that I would do the same, hence a very special bond and friendship.


Q: What is your favourite memory of you and Jan?

L: Jan’s second wedding. We both took the entire week leading up to the wedding off to pamper ourselves with spa days, kitchen teas and just having a good old catch-up. It was just fantastic and was really special bonding time for us both. The wedding day itself is another special memory. Jan looked absolutely beautiful…in fact I don’t think those words do her justice, she looked truly incredible.


Q: With the Christmas holidays approaching, do you and Jan get together to celebrate Christmas and New Year?

L: Actually we have never spent Christmas day together! It’s incredible, that even after all these years it’s never been possible due to family commitments and logistics. Although, we always spend NYE together, normally party and dancing into the early hours at Jan’s house.


Q: Are there any summer trends that you love and will be wearing this NYE?

L: Up until now I avoided long maxi dresses. I thought because I’m short a maxi dress will do nothing for me, but since the photo shoot I have received so many compliments about the maxi dress I wore, I’m now a convert! I definitely love hippie prints and light, comfortable fabric textures. Whereas, you’ll find Jan in busy prints and bright colours.


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Q: What are your favourite accessories for NYE?

L: Comfort is so important to me, so Millers summer range of maxi dresses is just perfect combination of comfort and style. I’d accessorise a maxi with flat sandals (Jan and I will be the first…and the last on the dance floor!) and a long simple necklace or some hoop earrings. Sometimes less is more.





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Q: Tell me, what is your life motto?

L: When I was younger my dad said ‘always be kind, as you never know who you are sitting next to’…and it’s just something that has remained with me ever since.


Q: What has been your favourite part about becoming Millers Ambassadors?

L: All of it – I’ve loved every minute! This campaign has brought us closer together, it’s something that neither of us have ever done before and I feel that I appreciate Jan and our friendship more since becoming Millers Ambassadors.