Meet Margaret

We met the delightful Margaret at our Seeing Me Project shoot and she shared with us the love and joy of her life.

“I am 62 years’ old I was born in Australia of English background parents and I was the youngest of four girls.

“My husband and I have only just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with a trip to Kangaroo Island. We have five wonderful children …four handsome young men and a beautiful daughter… ranging in age from 37 down to 26 years old. Three of our children are married and we are expecting our seventh grandchild in October.”

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Marge 1

“I love my life. Of course we all have our moments so I am no exception. But I have been and continue to be, very blessed. Not with the “big stuff” but all the little things in life that are the most important of all really. I am loved well and I have a wonderful family.”

Marge 5

“I am getting older…who isn’t and I no doubt didn’t think about this stage in my life too much when I was younger. But it really has just changed with the seasons. Stuff comes and goes and it’s important to acknowledge the “stuff” be it sad stuff or worrying stuff but I know that it’s important not to live in that place be it in my… worry, sorrow, frustration or dare I say anger. Because in the long run…. you just get your knickers in a knot. And then you just walk funny”. And we all know that I already have enough trouble walking sometimes…especially in heels!”

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Marge 4

“I was thrilled and just amazed that I was chosen to be part of the “Seeing Me Project” …what are the chances? I applaud Millers for taking this “road”…acknowledging women and their roles in life and coming to the party with a line of clothing that is in line with the way we mature women think. We are not ready to wear what used to be the standard styles for older women. We are vibrant and leading productive and wonderful lives hopefully full of promise and joy and I want to wear clothes that reflect that. So here’s cheers for Millers and for the women that have already and will in the future participate in the project. We are a force to be reckoned with.”

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Marge 3

“My style…. well it changes sometimes but mostly I like simple lines now but with a bit of uniqueness thrown in. Clothes must be comfortable in a fabric that feels good to the touch. And easy to wear. I like clothes that are just a little bit different without being too way out there.”

Style means…. being yourself but also being a bit adventurous sometimes.

“And being short I have to be careful about size and shape as some things make me look like more of a toadstool/ dumpling than I already do. But I always have preferred a longer length (except back in my very late teenage years) When many tell you to bring up the length up a bit I will always prefer a bit of length…sometimes midi sometimes maxi length.”

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Marge 2

“I’m grateful for the love of my life and my wonderful family. We are there for each other even though they are beginning to scatter far and wide. A fact which I don’t love ..I know that we all support and love one another. So I am very grateful for that amazing blessing.”

Margaret xx