Meet our Millers Ambassadors

We’re excited to introduce our Millers Ambassadors, meet Sonia, Monique, Bridget, Yvonne & Ana – you may recognise them from a store near you!

At Millers we’re committed to representing the real everyday woman, whatever her size, whatever her shape. And we’re starting with the beautiful women that work in our stores and serve our lovely customer’s everyday.

At Millers each of our team members are dedicated, passionate, fun-loving team players who are devoted to fashion, comfort and customer service. We invited 5 women whom we believe truly represent what we stand for here at Millers. You may recognize some of these familiar faces. These are the faces that have the most important roles in our business, the faces you see every time you set foot in our stores all across Australia and New Zealand.

Millers provides a great opportunity to grow within the brand. Many of the faces you meet in our stores have worked with us for over 5, 10 or even 20 years! Over this time, our team members have created long lasting friendships with you, our customers. They know our lovely customers so well, a group of loyal, loving and caring women. So we thought, what better people to represent our brand than with the ladies who meet our customers everyday and truly understand what you want from fashion.

Over the coming weeks, we will meet and talk all things fashion, life, and the little things that makes us smile. In the mean time click here to hear more from our lovely ambassadors.

Love, M x