Meet Monique – Millers Ambassador

Meet Monique. Loving wife, devoted mother, and our head-strong State Manager of NSW.

Monique is one of the lucky ones to call the beautiful Central Coast of NSW her home.


The first time I met Monique I was instantly struck by her golden locks and beaming smile. She grins from ear to ear, and it’s infectious. You can’t help but smile too. I have been lucky enough to call Monique my colleague, she is determined, driven by her career and most importantly enjoys good laugh!


C: As NSW State Manager, you have a very busy schedule we are so glad you could make time for us. So you work very closely with our Regional Managers, Store Managers, Team Members and Head Office team as well. What is it like working in a team of predominantly women?

M: I’ve been blessed to work with an amazing group of women from the shop floor through to our Support Office. We have a team that has been with us from the very beginning and it’s the faces you see in store every day that have helped our brand evolve over many years.


C: We are so happy to have each and every one of you here today to join us as part of our Real Women Campaign. So tell me, what does being in this Real Women Campaign mean to you?

M:Well I have to say this is a very different day for me. I feel very special, I’m not used to being pampered and having my make up done. Especially my hair – it’s normally pulled back and out of the way. I’m normally up and out of bed and on the road first thing in the morning. This has been a very special thing to be apart of, and to experience it with my colleagues – it’s truly a special day and it feels great!


C: How do you feel about the way women, particularly women aged over 40 years, are represented in the media?

M: My believe there are a lot of mixed messages in the way women are represented in the media. Something I love about our Millers brand and our business is that we embrace and celebrate women. We are about all body sizes and ages, and that needs to be encouraged more. As a mum to a daughter, I am proud to be here today to show my daughter, and the younger generation that we need to empower all women and embrace our lumps and bumps. And truly embrace who we are.


C: Our theme for the season is Escape with Millers. As Australians we love to pack our bags and escape for a few days to somewhere a little warmer. Tell me where do you and your family Escape to for the winter?

M: I love to take the family to the Gold Coast, it’s the perfect family holiday destination. We go to all the theme parks and go on the rides, and I can spend the day by the pool and get a massage. It’s a great mix of both activities and relaxation, that way everyone is happy.


Harry, Monique, Chris and Jaz on their Winter Escape to Sea World, Gold Coast


C:What do you pack on holidays? What is your one key essential item?

M: Anything that I don’t need to iron! Jeggings are my absolute go-to wardrobe staple. They’re comfortable, I can dress them up or down and I don’t have to do any ironing! That’s why Millers is fantastic, I like to pack anything I can roll up and they fit perfectly in my bag.


C: How would you describe your style?

M: Comfortable, smart-casual, fun!


C: What makes Monique happiest?

M: I am most happiest when I am laying by the pool with a cocktail, preferably a pina colada!


C: Tell me, what is your life motto?

M: To always be myself. To dance like nobody is watching. And that’s not just in dance but in life, to be confident in everything that I do and the way I carry myself.