Meet Sabine

Introducing Sabine…
During our fashion shoot that brought 5 women together from all different walks of life, we met Sabine – a fabulous woman with a bright and sunny take on life, she lit up the room with her positivity and stories from her years of being born Tahiti to her fascinating story of her journey through being a model from the age of 15 and gone from a ‘straight size model’ size 8 to a plus size model and loving it.

Sabine 3

“I love life full stop, I’m a passionate happy positive woman. I laugh at least several times a day, I love animals they make me smile, love the sea and how beautiful Sydney is and its gorgeous Harbour and beaches.”

“I was born in Tahiti French Polynesia and went to school here as a young child.
My father is French too from the island of La Reunion, my mother was Irish with a French mum, so I’m French, Irish but am an Australian citizen as I’ve lived in Australia since a child then moved to the UK 5 years ago for work and to see my French family.”

“I have had an amazing career which has been diverse, I have been able to do some wonderful things. I started modelling at the age of 15 after I was discovered, in my local Sydney supermarket.”

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Sabine 1

“As a straight-size model (size 8), I landed covers on many Australian magazines and I landed campaigns, billboards, buses for Wella, Hyundai, Cosmelite Beauty even fashion labels such as Jigsaw, Carla Zampatti and Jacquie E to name just a few :)”

“Years later I am now back to the modelling industry as a plus-size model promoting healthy self-esteem for young women running regular workshops. I am so excited to be back in the industry and more importantly back in Sydney.”

STYLE with Sabine
“I love clothes and being in the fashion industry.
My mum was a designer and manufacture so it’s in my heritage, I remember being 4 years of age and wrapping fabric around mannequins and talking to them, I’ve always been around fashion. I even used to own clothing and lingerie stores during career as a model. The best part being part of the industry is trying new styles on and exploring new colours and you get to know what looks good on you.”

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Sabine 5

“My style is very flattering, I love wrap dresses, I am the wrap dress queen, anything stretch viscose is my fav fabric.”

“My style has evolved as I got older as I have got bigger. I think being a plus size model I am now into super flattering dresses always over the knee to.

I love high waisted jeans too for that hourglass shape, all my clothes skim the body. I’m not a fan of baggy clothes or too tight.”

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Sabine 8

“Clothes are not just for comfort or warmth but for making you feel fantastic!
My advice to other women is like yourself, say thanks when someone gives you a compliment, and give one back, be supportive of other women and not so worried about the superficial stuff.”

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Sabine 7

“Love yourself and enjoy life only got one xx”

– Sabine