Meet Sonia

Meet Sonia. I first met Sonia in our Bankstown store, she was very friendly and up for a good chat! Sonia is almost 60 years young, a mother to 3 beautiful children, and an absolutely adorable grandson who is the apple of her eye. Sonia has worked with Millers going on 10 years this October.


C: Hi Sonia, how are you? So happy you could make it today!

S: Thank you, I’ve had so much fun today.


C: I was watching you strut your stuff out there and the pictures look amazing.

S: I have never had my hair and make up done before, I feel beautiful!


C: Can you describe yourself to me in 4 words?

S: I would say I am bubbly, caring, loving, and above all- a good wife.


C: Who do you take inspiration from?

S: My daughters and family inspire me, they are there for me no matter what I want to do. I love shopping with my daughters, they’re my best friends.


C: Do you have a life motto?

S: Be in it! No matter what you’re doing, just be in it.


C: How do you feel about the way women are represented in society and media?

S: There is a big focus on skinny models- I think all women, no matter if she’s skinny or a little bit on the larger size are beautiful. And that’s what I love about Millers. We cater to a lot of sizes, shapes and different types of women. You can always find something to fit them nicely.


C: Tell us about your Millers customers.

S: Our customers are multicultural, and beautiful. She comes in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t matter if they come in a grumpy state of day… when they leave they feel a million dollars in our clothes.


C: Where did you go on your last Winter Escape?

S: If I’m going somewhere near home for a weekend, I like to go to the South Coast NSW and walk along the beaches, go out for dinner and relax. I love spending time with my grandson going on walks, building sandcastles, and jumping waves.


C: What are your key essentials you take with you?

S: I like to pack light. I’ll pack a good outfit, swimwear, a nice pair of shoes and joggers as I like to go for a jog. I’m an active person, so I like to be out and about. But I also love to lay out in the sun and tan.