Must haves with Kimba

Kimba, 42, Millers customer and fashion blogger picks the must haves from this week’s new arrivals.

“My style is classic with a vintage quirky twist. I love colour, print clash and layering. My daily life involves studying and blogging at home, family organisation, attending PR events, chauffeuring my son and working with styling clients. Comfort is always a factor, but that doesn’t mean forgoing style.” – Kimba

Kimba 4


“As I’ve gotten older, it is more about style and less about fashion. I like to incorporate fashion trends in my everyday style, but because it’s on trend doesn’t mean it’s in my wardrobe.”- Kimba


“Style and beauty can be viewed as frivolous. Feeling better about the way you look on the outside can make you feel better about yourself on the inside – and that’s important.”- Kimba

“There is a large swathes of women who feel invisible as they get older, who never get to see people who look like them in media. I love that Seeing Me Project has created an opportunity to be seen and to see. It’s been a fabulously fun experience!” – Kimba

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