Nurturing Your Relationships

I Just Called – 4 Tips to Nurturing Your Relationships

A few weekends ago I spent time with my Mum and two sisters, which was an absolute joy. Whenever I spend time with my family, I always feel enriched and happy. The relationships that I have with them are the best type of relationships – those ones where you can simply be yourself. You can talk about the most inane subjects but it doesn’t matter because you simply ‘get’ one another.

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I am sure to the outside world we must sound like a bunch of cackling hens all talking, talking furiously as we usually have limited time. We don’t get to catch up as often as we all would like. So it is kind of all of us girls trying to share with each other everything and listening to each other what is happening in each other’s lives all at the same time.

When we nurture the important relationships in our lives, it contributes to far greater happiness than any money or material things that we could possess. Numerous studies have shown this to be the case.

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In this article, I wanted to share some tips on how to nurture your relationships. These are all things we know but they act as a little reminder. We can all relate to being so caught up in our daily lives and before we know it, months have passed since we last spoke to a special loved one.

Create special moments
We are all on this earth for a limited time. Spending time with those you love is your most prized asset to them. When we give our time to others to listen to them, support them and be there for them, it is worth more than anything else we could ever give. Take your Grandmother or Mother out for brunch to a lovely café and make her feel special. She will cherish these experiences forever.

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Meaningful connections
In our modern day of technology, we are connected in so many ways – social media has made the world so much more connected, however, this is a double edge sword. It has often seen us become disconnected to our loved ones too. When life is at a stage where you are too busy to catch up in person, be sure to send them a message to ask them how they are. Let them know you are thinking about them. It takes seconds to do this, costs nothing and you will put a huge smile on their face.

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Snail Mail
There’s nothing like receiving a physical greeting card in the mail to make us feel good. In this day and age, it’s usually only bills we receive in the mail! So it’s lovely to receive something that lifts our spirits and makes us feel special. Unlike electronic mail, this is something tangible that we can keep and treasure.

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I just called to say…
Just giving a loved one a phone call to say hello, I love you, you are in my thoughts. This not only makes them feel happy and loved, but you will also feel wonderful. It is these connections that enrich our lives and bring us joy.

So today, get in touch with someone you love that you haven’t spoken to for some time, send a greeting card in the mail or give them a call to say hello. Tell them you love them. I can guarantee it will make you both smile.

Heidi xx

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Who is Heidi?
Heidi and her husband David Cuschieri are best selling authors and founders of The Happiness Shop. Their vision is to connect people in meaningful ways through the words and inspiration that fill their books. They create products that appeal not only to your senses but to the part of you that is most important – your heart.


 It seemed that David and Heidi were meant to come together as a formidable creative team.  As a child growing up in Sydney, David had a fascination with exploring, creating and writing.  After finishing his Fine Arts degree, David’s passion for adventure saw him at the age of twenty-one set off for an eighteen month long intrepid adventure, traveling the world to over thirty countries. His travels to places such as the Himalayas and Papua New Guinea exposed him to many new experiences that were not only to change the direction of his life, but inspired him greatly. He has since been running his own successful and award
winning interior design business.

Heidi grew up in Brisbane and after working in the corporate world, David and Heidi had a dream to undertake something creative together.  Their passion for writing, design, books and animals, saw them in 2010 release their first publication, which became a national bestseller. Their inspirational books are distributed throughout Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.

David and Heidi are especially passionate about inspiring others what they believe happiness is from their own personal journeys.  Happiness, they say, is achieved with so very little but for years we have been sold this idea we need more and more. David and Heidi believe through simple steps, a more enriching, connected and contented life can be achieved with less and by anyone who desires it.

As advocates of environmental protection and wildlife preservation, each book sold, plants a tree in Madagascar, a place David and Heidi are passionate about helping to reforest.




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