Our Mission

You, Me & Millers is the essence of the Seeing Me Project an online platform hosting Millers long-term commitment to celebrate the mature woman.

Over the years, we’ve struggled to find mature models through the usual casting agencies. We’ve always wondered why this age group are so under-represented. Particularly when we see so many beautiful women in our stores!

We decided to take matters into our own hands and cast women ourselves. We reached out to our women through a Facebook competition and we were blown away by the responses. We now celebrate our customers and fans through regular photo and video shoots capturing their beauty and personality at any age and celebrate the results in over 300+ Millers stores and online.


“I am strong. I am invisible.

Older women deserve to have a voice.”

Seeing Me Projects mission is to be the industry beacon for 40+ women. We want this digital platform to be a place for you to engage in conversation, share stories and life advice, we want Seeing Me Project to be your voice.

In society, culture, fashion and advertising the mature woman is under-represented, some might say invisible, and we’d like to change this. We want the current retailing space for the mature market to change and let the ‘invisible’ women be recognized as women who have experienced life.

In the words of Rachel Ward “I am strong. I am invisible. Older women deserve to have a voice.”

Rachel we agree! You – our Millers customers, fans and new readers deserve to be catered for from fashion to lifestyle… and the Seeing Me Project want you as our ambassador.


Where it all begun…

Our journey started with a survey to over 4,000 Millers customers to let them have their say on what they wanted and it ended with 9 down to earth women who were true to themselves and grew in confidence. Check out the video below from September 2015 where it all began.