Print Power

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’ – Coco Chanel

Stand out from the crowd by embracing the print power trends of the season!

Why we love prints!

Prints have always been on trend and we love the colour and fashionable style they can bring to any look! Prints have a timeless feature about them; they always find a way to make it back into our wardrobes sooner or later!  Spanning elegant floral prints in pastel shades,  flower power prints and wild colours  and even large colour blocking prints and animal prints are all updated to with contemporary colour hues and modern detailing.

Sahara Dress
Sahara Print_1
Soft Pant_RG
Print Power

Floral print never goes out of fashion and we love it! Small or large scale, monotone or multi-coloured, floral prints add a touch of classic elegance to any look. An array of animal prints and patterns have become wardrobe staples for some and we think that is extra fabulous! One of our favourite fashion quotes; “Leopard print is my new favourite colour” sums it up pretty well. Border prints have been top picks for the last few seasons and continue to be as they are so great to mix and match with. Printed in small and large scale and with a variety of prints, they can be contemporary or classic. Baroque and paisley prints are also adored due to their chic style and ability to dress up any outfit. Both prints inject a touch of classic sophistication with their timeless nature. Some of the more modern prints such as abstract styles and sublimation are brilliant and can demonstrate how fashion-forward your wardrobe is.

Tops Print

How to achieve the ultimate print power!

How to style for your body shape

Prints can also be used to draw attention to your greatest features! For women with broader shoulders or feel that they are ‘top heavy’, wearing a printed kaftan or patterned dress can draw attention to the pretty print and ‘even out’ proportions. The same works in reverse with a printed pant or skirt that will distract and give focus to the print. Printed pants are very on trend this season, so they’re fab to work into an outfit anyway!

Kaftan Top

How to balance prints

Balancing an outfit with prints ensures effortless elegance and sophisticated style. If you want a singular print to be the feature of your look, team it with plainer pieces to ensure it is the stand out pick of your look. If you’re teaming a printed short with a more basic top, you can go with a classic black, white or neutral tone or you can inject some extra vibrancy to your look with a coloured top, or a lace top or even an embellished top for a touch of sparkle. If you’re looking to team a printed piece with a solid coloured piece to complete a look, try and find one of the colours in the print and use that as your base colour.

How to layer prints

When done well, layered prints will ensure you look wonderful! For the best result, try layering prints with a similar colour palette. For example, when layering a floral top and skirt, try and go for florals dipped in similar pastel shades to ensure the florals complement each other and work well.  You can then layer your look with a basic co-ordinate pulled out of the print like below. This season’s Millers range features matching sets, so you don’t have to try and assemble a matching look; it’s done for you and will look gorgeous!

Print Match

What’s your favourite print of the season? How do you style your printed pieces? Scroll down to the comments section below and share your thoughts!