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What a week that was! It has been a wild wet few days in many parts of the country. We hope you have remained safe and dry inside your homes.

There is nothing worse than being caught in the rain unprepared. Trudging around in wet socks, windswept hair plastered to your face, and completely drenched; it is not the nicest way to start the day. We have all been caught out before and it is just absolutely miserable.

Rainy-day dressing is difficult to master. Intermittent rain showers throughout the day brings about changing temperatures. One minute you are shivering, and the next you are sweating under all those layers.

We have put together a guide below for simple, smart rainy-day dressing. With these few simple tips you will be able to master rainy-day dressing; the rain should not stop you from looking your best!

Go for a classic
The Long sleeve embellished cold shoulder knit top is ideal for yo-yo weather. Constructed in a lightweight knit, with breathable cut out cold shoulders, making it perfect for layering. For a softer winter look, pair the blush pink cold shoulder knit with a blue jean. Still feeling the chill? Wrap over a scarf in the Lilly print for a fun feminine look.

Shop now >> Long Sleeve Embellished Cold Shoulder Knit $35.00, Blue Slim Fashion Jean $21.00, Lilly Scarf $15.00

Be prepared
Perfect the dreaded awkward-run-but-walk to the car with our packaway jacket, and protect your outfit from a few drops of rain. The packaway jacket folds away into a small pouch, small enough you can carry in your handbag and throw over any outfit. A fun pop of colour or print is just the thing to brighten up a dreary rainy day.

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Shop, love, enjoy

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