Set in the tropical paradise of Bali, our fresh Spring/Summer collection pops with the cool ocean shimmering in the background, the warm sun shinning and the soft sand between our toes.


The Millers collection bursts with colour and what better setting than a holiday destination with best friends. Our gorgeous models Sarah and Jess are back for another campaign and embrace the sunshine destination with a relaxed everyday feel.


Let this blog take you on a whirl wind of what happens behind the scenes at a Millers fashion shoot. There was many moments of fun, cheekiness and so much laughter it’s hard to know where to start.

After just a short 6 hour flight from our head office in Sydney we embarked on a once in a lifetime shoot and Millers first international location.

Bali was chosen for its ultra cool vibe of relaxed settings, stunning sunsets and ease to travel from Australia.


We settled in Seminyak for our stay, and whilst the team set up for the shoot the next day our lovely ladies had some rest time and enjoyed delicious food at a local restaurant. Even the chef wanted to say hello to our Millers models.


The villa we stayed at was nothing but perfection and we were greeted by lovely staff and a wonderful setting of palm trees, bright blue pools and traditional Balinese wood carvings.


The first part of any shoot is getting our models looking ultra beautiful with a make up artist and hair stylist. We went for dazzling beach hair, lightly tossed with natural sea salt and glam holiday make up for the glamorous setting.


The collections we shot are very special with brand new prints unique to Millers, these prints are hand designed in our art house at the Australian head office.
Plus we have exciting new fabrics and textures launching including shimmer and pleating detail; Spring through to Summer for our fans will be the perfect time to indulge in a new wardrobe.


One of our favourite moments at the shoot was an afternoon at the beach, as when the sun set it had a stunning effect on the photos and caused a delicate shadow effect.


After a hard day shooting there’s only one thing to do… and that’s try amazing Indonesian food. One of our favorites was the yummy Pepes ikan.

Pepes signifies the steaming of food in banana leaves, which gives it an earthy flavor that works well with the rich Manadonese spices it’s coupled with.


And a drink of course…


The final day of shooting was back at the wonderful Villa, where we had the pleasure of capturing our models on film. We got to interview them and ask them their favourite Spring and Summer pastimes.


We completed our delightful trip to the fabulous Bali – with a midnight fire burning over the beach setting of Seminyak. It was a wonderful way to complete our marvelous fashion shoot.

If you love this blog, we will be sharing more wonderful insights to our new campaign with videos, interviews, images and guest editors from the beauty and lifestyle industry to make your Spring – Summer ultra special.



Laura – Seeing Me Project Editor