Style Blog with Monica

Introducing – Monica, 73 years young and full of life.

“Originally Essex UK I came to Australia in 1970. I have four children 3 Girls and 1 boy. All my children are amazing and I couldn’t be happier. 1 is in the UK, 1 in Queensland and my son and youngest daughter live close to me on the central coast, NSW.”

Style means that I care about the way I look.  If I look good I feel good and stand tall. SHOP this look >> Floral shirt, jeans

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“A little bit about me and my passions…. I started my own entertainment agency in 1990 and retired in 2000. I came out of retirement because to be honest… I was bored.”

“I opened a bag and luggage shop in Deepwater Plaza, Woy Woy in May this year which is going great guns. I am still involved in the entertainment industry and front the odd Karaoke Show when my son, who normally fronts them and who is also full time entertainer, is on tour. It’s such great fun! And keep’s my energetic personality fulfilled.”

I am a positive glass half full person who likes to look good and coordinated.  I never act my age and I like my clothes to reflect my personality. SHOP this look >> Tops, skirt

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“I enjoy everything about life, I think we are all blessed to part of this great world and I love living in Australia which is the land of opportunity. I have learned something from everything I have done.
I enjoy my involvement with music which always makes me happy. Life is what you make it.”

I am very happy to be part of the Seeing Me Project; I have absolutely enjoyed myself so far and the message I would give to other women is to never hold a grudge and don’t ever try to make a man someone he can’t possibly be. Accept and respect others for who they are not what you would like them to be.”

My style hasn’t evolved as I got older I am much the same as I was when I was young.  I always kept up with fashion, always kept my weight in check and I never want to look, dress or behave like an old person. I am 73 years young! SHOP >> the City Life Collection

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“To sum me up I would say I’m grateful for life experience, I’m happiest when I’m singing, I’m most comfortable when communicating with others and I’m proud of my children and myself.

Monica  xx