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Today I got to interview Teena; wife, mother and Millers customer. I was very excited as when I first met Teena at the end of last year at the photo-shoot I had walked into the room and Teena’s beauty struck me down.
Teena oozed confidence, was articulate but also shy, she was intriguing and after getting to know her I know why.
Teena has a story to tell after a life of ups and downs. After fighting cancer and having 3 beautiful children she battled with her weight, but with a determined mind and a new found passion for healthy eating and daily exercise Teena lost 86 kilos and went from a size 26 to a 10 – 12.
Teena gives women hope, normal women, women like you and I.
Watch her style video here and scroll down to read her interview on her love for fashion.

Describe your style. How does it reflect your day-to-day life?
“My style is I think classy with a younger edge. My mother always said dress like a lady, look your best and always have a smile on your face. In my day to day life I like to feel comfortable but look feminine and well-presented but not over the top. If I feel good in what I am wearing it gives me confidence and I do carry myself better.”

Did your style evolve as you got older?
“Yes I actually have enjoyed clothes more in my 30’s and 40’s then when I was younger. I have been a size 26 and now after losing 86 kilos I am a size 10 to 12! In both cases I have still worn clothes that I have felt represented me and I have never felt the pressure of having to have designer labels etc. I have actually worn Millers clothing for close to 15 years now and the clothes have carried me through many events in my life.”

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What are you most proud of?
“I’m proud of my children and family for always being by my side for loving me unconditionally and for getting through the tough times, for not giving up on me and for encouraging me to follow my dreams to step outside of the box and to allow myself to feel beautiful.”
“Clothes are not just something I wear, clothes make me feel good, happy, seductive, comfortable, and confident, so many emotions can be connected to our own individual fashion preferences and taste.”

What’s your next adventure
“Since I have taken part in the Millers photo shoot, I have taken the jump and just recently joined a modelling agency and hope to get some work in the 40 + age bracket. Like Millers I think it’s important to celebrate the mature woman. After all we all get older.

What’s your favourite Millers outfit right now?
“I have already started planning my autumn wardrobe so I love the Millers wraps that have just arrived, I think this outfit is gorgeous. I love the with denim jeggings with a simple top and plain accessories, it lets the wrap do the talking”

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