The Female Fisherwoman

One of my passions is fishing. Yes, I am a female fisherwoman.  I am lucky enough to live in fishing heaven on the east coast of New Zealand surrounded by some great fishing spots. I find being out on the water very calming. My mind just wanders off to la-la land whilst I fish away and the birdlife and marine life out at sea are a bonus.

When we moved here I was tempted to buy a boat but my other half thinks that boats are only suitable for his presence if they have large decks to sunbathe on and come complete with all mod cons. And as for fishing – forget it. The appeal is totally lost on him.

Cruise Liner

Image: Hubby’s type of boat!

I would be left to launch a boat alone and fish from it on my own which is too much hassle and not so safe. So I go out on charters with Raymon from Leigh Fishing Charters and Nick from Sandspit Fishing Charters. Both give you a really good day out and I always manage to come home with plenty of fish to feed the extended family.

Up here north of Auckland we mainly catch Trevally, Kahawai, Snapper galore, John Dory, Gunard and the odd Blue Cod. All great to eat. If it is a really good day then it is out with the smoker to smoke the excess. Trevally and Kahawai are particularly good smoked and so is Snapper. It then gets turned into yummy smoked fish salads or fish cakes.


Image: Me in my Millers shirt with my snapper

When the season is right we can also get Crayfish and Scallops. After one very good days fishing off the Leigh Reef I came home with my limit of Snapper and some scallops dredged on the way back in.

That night a stunning (if I say so myself) Scallop salad was on the menu followed by a whole Snapper stuffed with crushed lemongrass, chilli, coriander and fresh ginger and steamed in my steam oven. Awesome! Well at least it was for me. The response from the other half – “What fishy things twice!” Murder almost ensued.

I’ll see what I can do to get these recipes for you in my upcoming posts. Meanwhile, take a look at my how-to guide for beautifully smoked fish.

Until then, Judi x

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  • tina currie

    Ho wow ? thank you Judi for your fishy story. Great read my boyfriend loves wishing. Good. Too hear from a woman ? who loves her hobby. ! One up for women. Good on yah Judi for sharing. Yes millers t shirt. They have some nice clothes for us. Kind regards Tina Brisbane ?

    • Judi Dooling

      Hi Tina, if you can’t beat them join them. Most of my friends think I am nuts and would no more gut a fish than walk down a catwalk naked! Maybe go out with your boyfriend and you might just discover a new passion. I think that we all have a little bit of the hunter/gatherer in us and if the “mucky stuff” doesn’t appeal then pass that bit over to He Man!

      • tina currie

        Oh Judi! Funny as my boyfriend. Yes fishes watches fishing shows. Is a bit of gentleman fisherman. ! I don’t mind little bit. But we all have our hobbies. It’s good. Fishing is a male dominated sport hobby. Its refreshing too see women gettn I there. Enjoy keep fishing! kind regards Tina ??,

  • Peta Kenchington

    How about an 81 year young Hobie kayak sailor, took up @ 79,thought sailboarding was getting to expensive – gearwise.
    Sail FNQ, on my own, & so far have not met Wally….
    We women can do a anything we want.
    Any takers for a trip to Maggie Island this afternoon ?
    Pk Tville

    • Judi Dooling

      Hi PETA, Go girl! I have thought about a fishing kayak but the reef I fish on is often a bit rough. When the swell is down the kayakers come out and it does look tempting. Paddling around with the Dolphins ?. Being pulled around by Wally ?

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