The gift that keeps Giving

Another Mother’s Day and the dilemma faced by many is what to buy a woman who has everything? Catalogues and media advertising bombard us with the latest and brightest (and sometimes very expensive) gifts to buy for your special lady in your life – Your Mum.

As a Mum I enjoyed Mother’s Days when my children were little and they would excitedly run off to school to spend their $1 or $2 at the Mother’s Day stall. Taking what seemed like hours to select that special something just for me, the look of pride, love and anticipation on their faces on Mother’s Day when they gave me my gifts was priceless.

However, now that I am older the most precious gift to me is spending time with my family. Life is so busy, our children have careers and families of their own which bring added responsibilities to their lives.

Last year I wrote an article on my blog ‘All I Want for Mother’s Day is…’ and I listed three things we could give our mothers that were free.
1. Your time
2. Your happiness
3. Your thoughts

This Mother’s Day I’d like to give you some ideas for making the day special for your Mum and giving her your greatest gift – YOU!
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Here are my 5 ways to Make Mother’s Day Special for your Mum

1. High Tea
I love High Tea it is something that is special – like a glass of bubbly! Enjoy some girl time with your Mum and experience High Tea. There are many options available but you will need to book. What would be more special is to make it yourself.

Click here to read some recipe ideas for making a special Mother’s Day High Tea.

2. Pamper session
Why not organise a mother/daughter pampering session? Book massages or a facial or a mani/pedi or all three! Enjoy spending time together while relaxing and being pampered.


3. Start a tradition
I lost my Mum to cancer 29 years ago, however, each Mother’s day, my daughter & I run in the Mother’s Day Classic in memory of Mum/Nan. It is a tradition that we do every Mother’s Day and it is even more special now that my daughter is a mother herself.

Photo Courtesy Mothers Day Classic 2015

4. Have a conversation and reconnect with your Mum
Take the time to sit down over a ‘cuppa’ and actually have a conversation and get to know the woman who is your Mother. We forget sometimes that our mothers are women in their own right with dreams and aspirations of their own. Put the mobile phone or table away and talk. Reconnecting when we are busy is so important. Take the time to actually explore your Mother and what she is like as a person and not just your Mum. You will be surprised at what you learn.


5. Tell her you how you feel about her and why you love her
More than anything this will be the most special gift to your Mum. Sure we all think ‘Mum knows how I feel’ but how special it is when you take the time to tell her how much you appreciate her. In this technological age the art of letter writing has changed and email or texting are the choice of communication. Take the time to write a letter to your Mum on special notepaper with your thoughts and feelings – I’m sure she will cherish it – I know I would.


These are some ideas to start with but I’m sure you could add to the list.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mums of the world.

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