Video interview with Katrin

See mother Katrin, 49 and daughter Mia, 20 talk about love, life and joy and their beautiful connection between each other in their video interview.

Katrin shares what she loves about life “I’m currently getting my life back, kids need me less and less and I love the freedom to explore what the next chapter may be. Also observing my kids and how they become independent is great fun. I love the fact that they still enjoy having dinner or breakfast with us parents and that they include us in their lives to a degree, whether it is them teaching us what modern music is about, for example what a “drop” is or them dragging us to a pub, so they can get a free glass of wine. They actually are not embarrassed to be with us, which makes me very happy.”

Mia shares her thoughts on the Seeing Me Project “I think it’s really important to be supporting and empowering women of all ages. And why not? Women are beautiful their entire lives, why do we limit media and publicity to the young ones when it is potentially the more experienced and wiser women who are more beautiful. Also, diversity in the media is becoming much more necessary in our society, which is excellent.