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We asked Millers customer Nicole what Christmas is to her and she shared with us her delicious Christmas recipe, perfect for the whole family.

We are giving one lucky fan the chance to win a $100 Millers Gift Card to spend instore this festive season. To enter simply watch our brand new video and share with us in 25 words or less what Christmas is to you.

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Competition closes at 23.59 AEDT on Sunday 4th December 2016.

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  • Dionisia De Santis

    Christmas to me means big Italian dinners and lunches with loads of family exchanging gifts and having fun together but also attending church and giving thanks for all our blessings and praying for the less fortunate

  • Donna Brittain

    christmas to me is family getting yogether not just for the day but at camping at the beach filled with love fun and laughter

  • Suzi Mitchell

    Christmas is Family time, ham and eggs for breakfast, and Mum’s christmas pudding at lunch. Made all the better with Grandchildren now, their laughter, Amazing.

  • Karen Wallace

    Christmas to me is watching the joy on everyone’s faces, I love to sit in the shopping centre’s and watch all the joy Christmas brings.

  • Annette Pobiega

    Christmas is sharing quality family time with our 4 children, their partners & our 2 grand daughters.

  • Jennifer Robertson

    Christmas is revelling in being Australian. Water, sun, BBQs, summer fruits and party frocks.

  • Judith Jeddy

    Christmas morning is fun and happy attending a church service followed by Skype calls to NZ, Dubai, Canada & America. It’s bringing family together that means the most.

  • Judy Hoffman

    Christmas is time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, to be with family , and to love the smiles on our little ones faces.

  • Aloysius Rosenberg

    Christmas is a time of festivity fun!

  • Ashley Beech

    Christmas is about bring everyone closer together and forgetting about the ups and downs that the year has brought; focusing on the now.

  • Nola Hall

    Christmas is a time to be with family and we should be more charitable toward others. Even though we should do it all the time i find people seem to be more caring around Christmas time. The older you get the more important family becomes.

  • Jenny Andersen

    Chrismas is about family, love and acceptance. Christmas is about the birth of Christ. Christmas is about forgiveness. Christmas is about celebrating with friends and family, knowing that the love and compassion shown now will bring joy to those around you for years to come in the memories it creates.

  • Kylie Searle

    Christmas is kids waking early, family coming together showing love and happiness. Eating, drinking, laughing, giving presents to family and to those less fortunate. 🎄

  • Julia

    Christmas for me is bittersweet as another year comes and goes where all my children and I can’t be together so we value and celebrate those who can’t be with us.

  • Jan O’Bree

    Christmas is getting together with family, some of which we don’t see a lot of during the year, exchanging gifts and sharing a lovely meal. Lots of friendly chit chat and the looks on the faces of my grandchildren opening their gifts….priceless!

  • Aleli

    Christmas is LOVE. With all are busy schedules and work, Christmas is the time that we remembered to share our blessings with our family and friends. We do get together and spend quality time with them. I love christmas!

  • Caroline Sale

    Christmas is time with family, and celebrating the time spent together..we are so busy with life sometimes, we need to cherish this time.

  • Jacqueline Goodwin

    Christmas is family and summer foods, lots of conversation and warm hugs.

  • Sharon

    Christmas is means old family traditions and new clothes. Generations of women making special biscuits and decidicing who will make what.

  • Bops18

    Christmas is family, love, fun, laughter, joy, colour, aromatic smells, friends, food, drinks, watching Christmas movies, for me, Christmas is pure magic.

  • Sue

    Christmas means family and of course plenty of yummy special food plus the fun memories of whatever happens after lunch – cricket, board games, dunkings in the pool etc

  • amandagorton

    Its cliched but Christmas is living, laughing and loving with everyone around me. A believer or not it truly is magical!

  • Elianda Lee

    CHRISTMAS is a time for all to realize that LIFE is about CARING, SHARING, LOVE and making the World a better place.

  • adam c

    Christmas means bringing the family together. it’s not about the presents. but sharing the time you have with each other.

  • Nikki Wilkinson

    Christmas means family coming together to create ever lasting memories as one
    Enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch open presents that’s when the fun has begun

  • Karen

    Christmas is a time for the family to get together i love Christmas because i can bake lots of sweets for everyone

  • Marianne

    Christmas – Mmmmm – warm fuzzies, gifts and sharing.

  • Lisa

    Christmas day means getting up very early to start cooking the lunch. It means setting the table and making it pretty and festive. It means catching up with family and having lots of hugs and laughs and eating yummy food and above all celebrating the real reason the birth of our Lord 🙂

  • Jackie Atkins

    Christmas is always Family, sharing the love as well as the presents and the food. Being with my loved ones means the world to me..

  • Anne Freier

    Honouring the nativity,
    Family, feasting and festivity,
    The childlike joy of presents under the tree,
    The laughter, sharing and unbridled glee –
    that’s Christmas to me!

  • Mella Chand

    Like many other families everywhere….Christmas is the ONLY time when the whole family gets together in one place……this in itself is absolutely priceless !!!!

  • Glenys Nicholls

    Christmas is the one time of the year when you can sing together, eat too much, and share presents with each other

  • Janet Wallace

    Christmas is a happy time thay friends and family get together.

  • Glenys Cope

    A special time to rejoice in what we have, to join with family and friends in the giving and receiving of gifts given with love.

  • Debbie Booth

    Christmas is having my kids home, eating a special meal we all prepare together,listening to my late mum’s Jim Reeves record. Bliss.

  • Laura Bryan

    Christmas is a time to all get together and enjoy a meal and watch the surprise faces of the grand kids open presents,

  • Fiona Stodart

    Christmas is family and friends coming together. Sharing love. Sharing time and sharing memories and making new memories to share in years to come.

  • J Kortas

    Christmas means the world to me, Family and Friends reunite.
    We have an Ozzie Christmas; with cold meats and salads and trifle for dessert.

  • Carolyn Slade

    Christmas to me is the faces of my grandies as they open their presents with 3 older generations watching with tears welling in their eyes

  • Teena Quinn Collard

    Christmas is too commercialised these days, no one remembers what the true meaning of it is anymore

  • Sharon Leonard

    i cant remember last christmas had 6 months chemo rad and masectomy so new clothes would be nice and i will be enjoying this 2016 chrissy time

  • Abi Angami

    Christmas is a precious gift God has given to menkind-Jesus.A time to give and enjoy.Like, Millers ‘gift card’ to some one precious.

  • Michelle J L Leach

    Christmas means to our family is coming together as a family and cooking Christmas luch and enjoying catching up.

  • Nikki Cashion

    Christmas to me is seeing my sister who we only get to see once a year . And mums Pav

  • Ellen Rogers

    Christmas is the time of sharing! Sharing your friendship, sharing your love, sharing your hosting skills, sharing your time!

  • Michelle

    Love that the whole family makes the effort to come together & enjoy each others company, we are spread far & wide so is a great time for all !

  • Tollarne Graham

    Christmas is not about the presents we exchange, its a day my family put all differences aside to enjoy quality time together.

  • Nikki Wiese

    Christmas is having all my children and grandchildren in the same house at the same time enjoying each others company

  • Nassep

    stress, stress, shopping, shopping, decorating, tree, OMG forgot a present, shopping, eat, drink, shopping, wrapping, santa, presents, cooking, drinking sleeping

  • Marian Berty

    Christmas is joy and love and this is shown in giving others and make everyone happy. Merry chistmas

  • Caren Green

    Christmas means to me, family, love, giving, joy, food, fun and pure excitement.

  • Deb Barram

    Christmas is spending time with Family, we made it through another year 🙂

  • Claire

    Christmas is reflection, making the most of “now” and looking ahead with confidence and huge happiness.

  • Lois Moffat

    Christmas is Tradition, everything is changing so fast nowadays, just so good to be still celebrating Christmas and all it means. Joy to the World. xxx

  • christine williams

    Christmas is celebrating with family and friends, another wonderful year spent together with your loved ones, nothing could be better than that.

  • Michelle

    Quality family time together and watching my girls embracing the magic of Christmas! BBQ lunch, fresh strawberries, mince pies and too much good food!

  • Bianca Bonakey

    Christmas is a time of giving and lot s of love from family and friends … a day to catch up and relax

  • Julie Lardi

    Christmas is making a trifle or my family gets upset if its not there on the day. Happy faces and love all around with grandchildren chasing one another and young parents letting us grandparents take care of everything for the day whilst they relax.

  • Eddy

    Coming together of family and for us some close friends to enjoy a good meal and share some laughs

  • Julie

    Christmas is a time to relax, sleep in, eat as much as you want without feeling guilty. Turkey, seafood, ham, mince pies, pavlova.

  • Gail Bhai

    Christmas now that my parents have passed is about seeing my four children and their families together laughing having fun and sharing memories.It makes for a very special day.

  • Gail Anna Kolak

    People seem to worry about money at Christmas time, whether they can buy expensive gifts. Our family don’t give gifts to adults, only to the small children in the family.
    We enjoy just being together, having a good laugh. That’s what Christmas means to me

  • Vanessa

    With our 4 young children we really focus on making positive memories and spending a lot of time together

  • Heather

    Coming together with family and friends you haven’t seen for a long time, with plenty of sharing and lots of love, Happy Christmas Everyone.

  • Julie Yeats

    Christmas to me is all about family. We also include friends who cannot be with their families, good food and good company can’t beat it. We also give a hamper to a family in need, it is the best feeling, the spirit of giving. Merry Christmas All.

  • Andieharrie

    Christmas is time off work with family
    Summer fun at beach is relaxation to me
    Good food and wine
    Chritmas time is divine

  • Christine Mocker

    Family, family, and friends! Enjoying time with people we love. Dressing in my special Millers outfit and having a wonderful lunch with all the trimmings.

  • Patricia Painter

    Christmas is the time to dress up and spend the day with loved ones making memories together that will last a lifetime

  • Cynthia Cutri

    Christmas is about giving and sharing with some less fortunate than others spending time with family and feeling blessed to be alive and loved .

  • elizabeth

    Christmas is a special time for family and friends and showing off your gorgeous new Millers threads.

  • chipo r chishiri

    Being with my family on Christmas is a blessing .christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones and giving to the needy.

  • Cleo Prakash

    Christmas is lonely one for me locked inside home as my partner goes to his dad’s and mum’s while I don’t have anyone in Australia. It’s sad but I make up to it by wearing one of my dresses from millers every year (thank you for selling plus size) and will take a train ride watching the world go by. If I win this, I seriously want to buy your lace dress which I couldn’t afford to buy buy watching online since advertised. Thanks in advance

  • Kris van de Water

    Christmas is about family. Well it used to be. We are all so fractured now it is quite a challenge to get everyone together.

  • Amy

    Christmas to me is a break from work and time to spend with family and those i’m closest too, it’s my favourite time of year!

  • Jackie Holman

    I like to have family or friends with me at Christmas time,especially if I have not seen them for some time. When with family the traditional things come out,I love it

  • Carol-ann Garcia

    Christmas is about family and love sharing good food and good times . A millars voucher would be amazing as all my money goes into having special food and gifts would be nice to have a new outfit .Theres not usually presents for me under the tree so it would be lovely

  • mustangmum

    It’s a time for family and friends to come together and create everlasting memories that will live on forever,

  • Angela Zalkalnins

    A time to celebrate family and friends and having a huge catch up with them and enjoying life and creating so many memories for years to come

  • Sandra Bronkhorst

    Christmas is going to be so special this year, as our family from South Africa will be spending the Christmas holiday with us. We have not seen them in 9 years, and so looking forward to their visit. New memories will be made and we will be sharing the old one’s as well. Merry Christmas to all the wonderful staff at Millers!

  • Deborah

    Christmas is that special time when you go the extra mile to help someone else, cook something more challenging and really think about what’s important.

  • Diana Foster

    Christmas is Family and Friends, good food, good company. We have often had extra guests at our Christmas table, people who would be alone otherwise. I believe no one should be alone on Christmas Day.

  • Kate Devereaux

    Christmas is…a beautiful opportunity to pay it forward

  • Kathy Bassett

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    Love and more
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    I love Millers

  • Christine Turner

    Christmas 🎄 is spending special time with family, some good food and wine🍷,giving presents🎁and hopefully a nice dress from Millers.

  • Lynette Cook White

    Christmas is a joyous time to spend with family & catch up with family you haven’t seen for a while,lots of hugs & memories made on a special day..I love the look on my Grandchildrens faces when they open their presents to see what gifts they have received.Christmas is just awesome..

  • Miriam Powell

    Christmas to me this year, is spending time with family, who have come back to live in New Zealand, after living in Australia.

  • prue davis

    Christms to me is seeing family, open there pretty wrapped gifts,always hoping for something from millers to wear or a gift card so i can buy myself a new dress or top for the summer..Enjoying a home cooked , starter of prawn and crab entree,traditional roast chicken and vegetables, plum pudding with brandy custard and thick whipped jersey cream,meal together,washed down with a nice wine and bickfords cordial for the children, then having a siesta in the afternoon,whilst the children and grandchildren play cricket in the yard.before having a simple meal generally left over meats for tea together.

  • Vicki Anne Griffin

    Christmas for me is about cgildren’s aughter, twinkling lights, good company and lots of love.

  • Bruna Barnett

    Christmas to me is all about seeing our 3 children wake up and seeing presents under the tree to open and opening all our presents together and then having a nice xmas family lunch and having fun and eating lots.

  • Rosanne

    Loving each others company , the joy of giving , and a special chair at the table for those who have passed on.

  • Tracy Berghan

    Being around family… laughing, reminiscing…. enjoying the time together.. eating too much 😀

  • Shirley O’Brien

    A time for love and laughter with family and friends, remembering those who can’t be with us, not with sadness but with joy that they have been in our lives

  • Sharon Bergman

    Christmas is small, just me, my Dad and my partner. Each year I worry it will be the last time we are all together, and try to make it very special for my father

  • Christine Sanders

    Good food, great company and lots of love, laughter and togetherness.

  • Drina Johnson

    Christmas is going over the night before Christmas so i can wake up and see my two beautiful grandchildren 7 and 10 open their presents after Santa has been . then spending the day with them enjoy everything that Santa has given them

  • Venerina Harris

    Christmas is a time for family get together, great talian food, christmas carols playing in the background, lots of laughter and love!!

  • Cheryl Johnson

    Having my 3 children and their famillies at my place this Xmas Day. We haven’t all been together for 6 years. Very special.

  • Julie Ralston

    christmas is family.a house full of happy laughter,the smell of roast turkey,and the groans from full tummys and “its a wonderful life” on the tv

  • Faith Dent

    Christmas is a time for sharing spending time helping those in our community that are less fortunate than ourselves.

  • Kath O’Keefe

    Christmas is about thinking of other people first, and getting back to basics. I like to add something homemade to my Christmas gifts, just to make them more unique.

  • Jean Stratton

    Christmas is a time for family and fun, keeping old traditions and making new ones.

  • Rebecca Kelly

    Christmas to me is all about family getting together, sharing a beautiful turkey dinner and just having fun and enjoying being together.

  • Janet Hamilton

    Christmas to me is many things, getting together with family, watching your children and grandchildren open their presents. Cooking together each playing our part in putting a beautiful meal on the table. Turkey ham roast vegetables salads. Having a drink and just sharing the special time of year Christmas is and the reason for the season. Sharing what the year has been for us all. Finishing off with homemade shortbread and coffee. 🙂

  • Alayna

    Christmas to me is having my family close and spending time together, the amount of money spent has never been alot and most gifts are homemade but that makes it all even more special.

  • Belinda Dwyer

    A time for love and laughter with family and friends, remembering those who can’t be with us,cant wait to see the face of my two grandchilden on christmas morning,.. The joy of giving!

  • Emma Gloede

    Christmas for me is getting our whole extended family together for a amazing day of fun and laughter. I love hearing all the children running around playing and laughing. I also love all the yummy Christmas food 🙂

  • Cara Bagley

    Christmas to us is not about presents it is about getting together with friends and family and celebrating another year. We tend to have a pot luck lunch and a few drinks. It is a time to be happy and share highlights of ones year and enjoying the company of others.

  • Katrina

    Christmas for me is about freedom. Freedom to love those around me, freedom to relax, freedom to do Christmas my way. XO

  • Cheryle Brider

    Christmas to me is family, food, laughter, tears, who’s entered our family unit and who has passed on but remembering them ,exchanging of our hopes and aspirations for the year to come, also filled with love.

  • Debbie Moody

    Christmas is about togetherness, love, joy, family, friends, laughter, surprises and so many more thing, for me it is always a special time.

  • Chelsea ratcliffe

    Enjoying the things that bring us all so much joy like our family and good weather children laughing and playing with cousins and food !

  • Cheryl Hayes

    Christmas for me is not only my family and friends getting together..It is also about raising funds and knitted donations for my two charities..The babies in Africa and The performing arts center in Tanzania.

  • Lisa Ziazan

    It’s creating memories, its fun, magical family time, its gratitude in action, that is Christmas too me.

  • Jennifer Tupper

    Christmas to me is children ,laughter and smiles and this year will be extra special as l will become a grandmother

  • Joyce Herrmann

    Christmas to my family means keeping Christ in Christmas as Christmas means celebrating the birth of Christ.
    In celebrating that event our large family have a traditional Christmas dinner with home made plum pudding and brandy sauce.

  • carol pallin

    Christmas day is special but the build up is not a happy time for everyone for lots of reasons. Its time to think of people past and present. family time and sharing Love with everyone. not forgetting Christmas is someone’s birthday <3

  • Christmas to me is time spent with family, creating precious memories and treasuring in person those that live too far to see regularly.

  • Heather Baxter

    Having our family scattered here and overseas, Christmas is a time to gather them together (even electronically) so that we can share a little family togetherness however briefly.

  • Tracey Coughlin

    Christmas to me is having family around, good food and lots of laughs. Just being together for one day a year means so much where you can forget all the horrible things that are happening in the world and just enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Leigh Deeks

    Christmas for me is about bringing my family together. We manage to have six of my seven children and eight grandchildren with us every second year. I love to see the joy on the children’s little faces when opening their presents and the pleasure of their parents on the day from enjoying family time together.

  • Renee Currie

    Christmas is church to celebrate the true meaning, family, seeing joy on little faces, eating too much but having room for Pavlova.

  • Raelene Gavin

    Christmas is love and unity. Bringing families and friends together, having fun and creating new memories. A time for reflection and gratitude.

  • Glenice Price

    I love Christmas as it means l get to buy my dear all most 95 year old mum some lovely Christmas gifts to wear from Millar’s , Mum loves Millars clothing along with my self , To me Christmas is about family sharing and helping the not so fortunate as well .

  • Christine Van Kan

    Christmas is a time to relax and reconnect with family and friends over festive food and drinks.

  • Margaret O’Shea

    Christmas is about love & family. Waking up with grandkids on Christmas morning. Then Christmas lunch with my 90yr old Mother & Father-in law.

  • Debbie Albiez

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of year that brings my growing
    family together, for giving, receiving, laughing. loving and spending precious family time together.

  • Lobroo

    Christmas is definitely a season fir me. It’s difficult to get a nurse, paramedic, policeman, an engineer and their families free on one day. So we just have a rolling feast over days.

  • Sandy Ford

    I just love that families get together and can enjoy each other as ‘time’is just so precious.

  • Karen Elizabeth Dunkley

    Christmas to me is going down south to see my sons, daughter-in-laws & grandchildren, & spoiling my grandchildren rotten without getting into trouble, hahahahaha.

  • Keren

    Christmas is love, family, fun, making and sharing memories encased with traditions, tinsel, festivities and the magic that surrounds Christmas.

  • Lesley Lake

    As long as I have my five beautiful adult children and My 12 precious grandchildren every day is Christmas to me. The love I feel for them and their love in return is all I could ask for at Christmas. The season is not about giving and receiving it’s about love, past memories and making new memories that will last long after I am gone. It’s about the joy and happiness we feel to be able to spend quality time together and see the smiling faces of the little ones.

  • Cathleen

    The 3 F’s , FAMILY ,FOOD AND FRIENDS, together at Christmas,that always brings the love.

  • Leanne Aquilina

    Christmas is just being thankful for all my family spread out right across Australia and knowing we care for each other even far apart!

  • Chef Chelle

    Christmas is sharing. Sharing love with family and friends and sharing with those less fortunate than ourselves. Share a meal, a smile, a gift.

  • Garima Shrivastva

    I love decorating our tree, sharing the wonders of Santa with my children, the excitement of decorating the house with sparkling lights, the joy of giving gifts. It’s all about caring and sharing.

  • Teegan Shaw

    Christmas is magical, no matter your age. Its about family. Spending quality time, laughing and making memories while enjoying delicious food.

  • Frances Thomas

    Christmad is Sharing a blessed meal with our nearest and dearest. It’s giving out smiles and love at no cost at all.

  • Debbie

    Christmas is a very special time of the year for our family, it’s not about what’s under the tree it’s more about who is around the tree. It’s about the love laughter and happiness we share as a family. We have kept the family traditions from generations past so as to keep their spirit alive by being apart of our family Christmas.
    Merry Christmas Miller Family

  • Jasmine-Skye Marinos

    Christmas for me is about spending time with the people you love and having fun. I love doing lots of xmas activities with my son.

  • Tricia McLeod

    Watching the joy of Christmas on my grandchildrens faces. Seeing my “worldly” 11 year old Charlotte dance like a 5 year old to a musical reindeer.
    You cannot buy that.

  • Marjanna Jones

    It is a time for extra giving, sharing and enjoying ones self and remembering those we love.

  • Sophia Rider

    Christmas is love. The love for your family and your friends . The magical memories that are being created. Such a special time of the year!

  • Joy Haycock-James

    Christmas is a time to stop and give to everyone, helping people in need. Giving the homeless, the needy and the lonely Christmas cheer and a smile. Spending time with our family’s and being thankful for what time we have left. Merry Christmas everyone

  • Jeanine Brown

    Christmas to me is being able to make life a little easier for those who are doing it tough and spreading the love around (I work on a crisis line over Christmas)

  • Melanie Iheanacho

    Christmas for me is about family and spending time with them enjoying good food and lots of laughter

  • Judy Patterson

    Christmas to be is being with all the family, laughing and having a good time and seeing th he excitement on my grandchildren’s faces

  • Sue Briscoe

    Christmas is watching my husband sing at Christmas Eve Mass, enjoying family Christmas Day, seeing children’s faces light up with pure joy and love!

  • Lyn Hames

    Christmas will be different this year. My Mum died 2 days ago. But we will be family together and celebrate life and love and God’s blessings in our lives.

    • Tania

      will be thinking of you……

  • Ani M

    Christmas is the long awaited reunion of our family and the long chats and laughter. Christmas is catching up on kisses and cuddles with all the nieces and nephews. Christmas is time together and reminding each other afresh why it’s so good to be alive! x

  • Janelle McDougall

    Christmas is seeing my boys faces light up on Christmas morning and spending time with family and friends

  • Sharon Fisher

    Christmas isn’t food or presents, it’s sharing time with our loved ones, framily and friends. Not whats on your table but who’s around it. ❤🌲

  • Michele Sievers

    Xmas means family , grandchildren great grandchildren; fun ;food ;smiling faces ; cuddles ; surprise drop ins love peace :))

  • Emma Jean White

    Christmas for me is about putting my hand up for working on that day so that my coworkers can spend the day with there grankids or young families. (I am yet to have started a family) christmas is all about giving 😊

  • Faye Hartley

    For some, Christmas is sad as they won’t share it with loved ones. But Christmas should be joy, celebrating Jesus, family, friends, food and love.

  • Susan Taylor

    Christmas is our yearly reminder of why we are put on this earth – peace, joy and goodwill to all – some of us need this gentle reminder because the year that’s past has had plenty of ups and downs for most of us. The added bonus is sharing Christmas with those we love reaping the rewards of some of that peace, joy, goodwill and love.

  • Lisa Thompson

    Christmas to me is family. Roast pork cooking in the Webber, kids laughing, adults sharing memories.

  • Bernadette Matthews

    Christmas is a time to celebrate, as a family, the birth of Jesus and to show each other the love you have for each other

  • Jacqueline Schweighofer

    Christmas for us is spending time with the kids and family. Eating a big lunch and enjoying our time together.

  • Robyn Wisenor

    Christmas is a time of Peace and Goodwill, celebrating with Family & friends. I love all the festive Decorations. We are all here to be Loved, Happy & Grateful

  • Lynnette Foster

    Time for family, eat/ drink too much & watch the little ones open their presents – nothing better.

  • Valda Pascoe

    Time for family great food and lovely presents its the best time of year

  • Georgina

    Christmas is a time to celebrate! It’s also a time to be grateful & respectful for all that we have. It’s a special time to share with family and friends. Enjoy!!

  • karin Lewis

    spending time with family & special friends I will treasure Christmas from now after almost losing my a accident. Christmas now means so much more to me and it always will

  • Vicki Meddings

    This Christmas our home gets started, family and friends are not close by and we are working, so quieter than usual. Next year party.

  • Terri Bradley

    I make my traditional christmas pudding that has been handed down from our Irish ancestors. It is loved by all served with cream.

  • Emily Haynes

    Christmas is family, great food, lazy afternoons and being present with the people I love.

  • Yvonne Stewart

    Christmas is caring and sharing with those you love. Reaching out to old friends and hopefully letting go of issues that have divided friends and family.

  • Janet Wallace

    Christmas to me is family and friends getting together having lots of fun and making happy memories.

  • Debbie Yeomans

    Christmas means family, friends, food and fun, simple.

  • Tanya

    Christmas was my one magical time as a child. So at Christmas I make time to remember there is still magic in the world.

  • berniegirl

    My Homemade Christmas Pudding is a real treat……… half bottle whiskey goes into my pudding…… and we hang it up for weeks until Christmas Day…………. “sad no more coins goes into my pudding just like we did 70 years ago ” But its still is a yummy Christmas Pudding

  • Denise Duckett

    Christmas is a time to remember – family, friends, joys and sorrows – and to stop and say ‘Thank-you’ for all that we have.

  • Zahraa Jefferson

    Having a much needed break from the routine everyday lifestyle and appreciating the little things and the people that have a special place in your heart.

  • Nic

    Christmas is family. It’s talking, laughing, fighting and eating. My favourite recipe is a pudding biscuit. You make vanilla pudding pre-mix (I like cottees vanilla pudding) add it to a bottom row of lattice biscuits then add a top row of lattice biscuits. Done! An easy sweet sandwhich treat.

  • sana

    Christmas is very special time of the year for us., It’s about the love, giving gifts, laughter, togetherness and happiness we share as a family.
    Merry Christmas to all Miller Family

  • Monica Huffer

    Christmas like Millers brings joy and style,
    The gift of giving brings a magical smile!
    Family and friends gathered as one,
    Creating so much fun!

  • Yvonne Brown

    This xmas I am spending with one of my brothers and his family for the first time in over 20 years. Love the time with family, food and drinks and children playing. One of my xmas “makes” is chocolate mousse.


    Peace, love, laughter, family, friends, giving thanks, food, drink, hugs, kisses, cuddles, singing, charity, goodwill to all and praying to God for a blessed year ahead. This is Christmas !!!

  • Maz Main

    Christmas to me is all about good food and good wine but the most important thing about Christmas to me is family.

  • Tracey Biddle

    Christmas is a time to celebrate the “reason for the season” with our family and enjoy all the trimmings with Christmas dinner.

  • John Luxford

    christmas is time to celebrate with our family.mostly the younger ones.we always enjoy christmas with them

  • Kathy Feddersen

    Christmas is a time to remember to be kind and giving to those who are alone or can’t afford anything for christmas. Just by saying, “merry christmas” or giving them something you made yourself.Little things mean a lot.

  • J Anne Lang

    It used to be all about my kids, but I’ve had to adjust since they grew up and moved away. Now Christmas just means sharing love, with whoever is around!

  • Elspeth Lovell

    Christmas is a time to relax with family and friends, to share, and care about others and remember how fortunate we are to be Australian.

  • Norma Norris

    Lost loved ones, drama’s of every day life, a newborn, little joys every day in the simple things..Christmas is a time of reflection.

  • Marilyn Young

    My best Christmases are laughing, loving, eating, eating laughing, loving and finally, loving eating until your drink comes out your nose from laughing too much!

  • Belinda Yates

    Laughter, banter and enjoying the family being together the fantastic food is just a bonus.

  • Kay Viney

    Christmas is being with family or the ones you cherish the most.

  • Diane Murphy

    Christmas is spending time with family and loved ones who all come together at this special time and to remember those who are not.

  • Kelly Coley

    family friends rest sleep food and lots of drinks and the chance to dress up flash this voucher would so come in handy

  • Ace Trace

    Christmas is about caring. I share the day with my dementia residents. My care is my gift to them. They are their gift to me.

  • Koalamaiden

    I love sitting and watching old time movies, Christmas movies and Christmas episode from tv shows. The music always says “its Christmas” -and im that bit happier.

  • Kathryne Hutchinson

    Christmas is about peace and joy, spending time with family celebrating and sharing lots of good food and much love and laughter.

  • Allana Anson

    Christmas to me is lots of seafood and just relaxing with my children and grandchildren and reflecting on those in our family who are no longer with us.

  • Tracey McMullin

    Christmas to me is stress and work beforehand. Waking xmas morning forgetting all about it and just being grateful for my family health and love.

  • Tania

    Christmas this year is about being alive after beating cancer, surrounded by family and friends.

  • debbie

    Our Xmas is about spending time with those we love, giving, sharing, having
    fun but then thats how we do it all year round anyway

  • Jan Allan

    My Christmas is about spending time with my family, and remembering those that are no longer with us, but are always in our hearts.

  • Robyn Stewart

    Christmas is strolling in, my Xmas-tree sunnies flashing, my pleats swirling and having my kids dissolve into delirious laughter that mum/nanna could be so surprising!

  • Barbara Fehmel

    Christmas means all the joys of family around me the children laughing and having fun, The food and the pleasure I get from the love my family brings me.

  • Susan Hammond

    My perfect Christmas would be no presents for me but the love and presence of those I love and gifts for those I love.

  • Georgina stevens

    Christmas= family love laughter arguements but most of all everyone being together sharing a meal and showing love, weather it be on christmas day or close too enjoy family time.

  • Cathy Darcey

    Christmas is family together, grand kids, good food, Christmas lights. Peace, Love, Laughter, Happiness, Memories AND a new dress.

  • Mandy

    Fun, family, friends & food! Christmas is sharing love with the ones that mean the most to us.

  • Lisa Pang

    Christmas is all about family and friends for me, more so since having children, sharing and making new traditions. Sharing with those less fortunate and teaching the children the rewards of this

  • Claire Morris

    Gathering with those we love, and to remember those we have lost..

  • Alison Potter

    Christmas is love and family and giving joy,it’s smiles and laughter and hoping I cooked the dinner properly!!! Merry Christmas 🙂

  • Dianne Ferguson

    Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with friends and family

  • Tracie Eaton

    Christmas is time to share with family and friends is celebration of the birth of Christ. It is a time of hope, reflection and joy.

  • Heather Sorensen

    Christmas is family and creating memories for all, especially the younger ones. A time to share, food, fun and festivities with our nearest and dearest.

  • Janet Crouch

    Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birthday with friends and family. Singing carols and sharing hugs, good wishes and gifts with family and friends.

  • Teena Quinn Collard

    Its a time for hand knitting stockings to hang, trinket buying and rocky road making! The Animals get a stocking too! Love, laughter, family, happiness

  • Sandra Parisio

    Seeing the excitement on my grand childrens faces and remembering my own childhood Christmas’s makes it a day to cherish for another year.

  • Judi Damon

    Sharing, caring, loving and giving.

  • Kathy

    Christmas is the most joyous of occasions! Where Santa and magical moments bring joy to everyone. Christmas is a time for giving and being happy!

  • Rachel Little

    Kids believing in santa big kids includex the magic of chrissy 🙂 🙂

  • Janet Conlon

    Spending time with family & remembering the true meaning of Christmas is important to us. I always ask my small grandchildren ‘whose birthday is it today?’

  • Kerry Curciarello

    Family, love, joy, giving, receiving, surprise, food, presents, merriment, togetherness, sharing, caring, happiness, memories, celebrating, cheer, Santa, jolly, traditions, spirit, festivities, anticipation, decorations, excitement, magical

  • Bev Greene

    Depression and stress is what Xmas is for me. To many years of doing
    what I could on a disability pension, have left there mark.

  • Danielle Tassan

    Christmas for me is a special time spent with family, simply enjoying each other’s company and indulging in our favourite food and drinks.

  • Adele Williams

    Christ is born!
    Helping others,
    Receiving love,
    Interesting smells,
    Singing carols,
    Tasty treats,
    Making decorations,
    All the lights,
    Sharing laughter!

  • karen

    Yes, Christmas is about spending time with family, but it’s much, much more, it’s also time to give to those less fortunate, to volunteer in some way either on an ongoing basis or in short bursts, to put presents for complete strangers under a Christmas trees around your area, to visit the elderly or just the lonely. Lots of people do these things at Christmas just imagine if just 1/3 of those people done the same thing all year round. The world would be a much better place. Christmas to me is NOT about expensive gifts, it’s about spreading cheer enjoying the company of friends, family and if I’m lucky put a smile on the face of a stranger. Merry Christmas to All. Karen

  • Mary Moschovakis

    christmas to me is spending quality time with family and this year is extra special as there is a new family member my nephew Kiran and together with his big brother Jesse 2.5 there will be plenty of love laughter and excitement to make the day extra special

  • jakki dodds

    Christmas is about giving, family, tradition, love and sharing! Time together.

  • Michelle McNicol

    Spending time with family, cooking up a feast, eating, drinking, laughing and just being happy with the special people in my life.

  • Jeannette Mackenzie

    Time spend with family, remembering loved one who are no longer with us. Generally having a great time with our loved ones and most likely eating too much.

  • Shirley Poublon

    christmas is a sad and lonely time for me,my children are grown up, i am divorced for many years, and only a single male child is living in australia,.he is not interested in christmas and treats it as any other day,,my grandchildren all live overseas with their parents,,,.my parents are dead and i have no living siblings,i feel bad to dump myself on my friends xmas celebrations with their families ,,,as it makes me miss my own even more,i used to love putting on xmas when my children were young and i had family around me.

    • Carolyn Callander

      Dear Shirley, I am so sorry that you spend your Christmas alone. No one should be alone at Christmas. I hope that you receive a Christmas miracle that will make your day beyond special. Merry Christmas Shirley xxxx

      • Shirley Poublon

        no need for you to feel sorry for me caroline,,,its only another day in the year, i dont believe in jesus so his “birthday”is irrelevant to me,the only relevance xmas had to me was for the kiddies,,,,santa family feast,,,i dont expect people to feel sorry for me as that is not my way,i am insulted by that,, i am a realist,who says sad and lonely is a bad thing ????we all learn from hardship and become stronger people,

  • Debbie Gibson

    Christmas is about time spent sharing food, love and laughter with family and/or friends. It’s about remembering the past, having gratitude for the present and anticipation for the future.

  • Lisa Athanass

    Christmas is about cherishing my husband and four beautiul children, eating and celebrating. Appreciating my second chance 9 years after breast cancer diagnosis, caring for my Support Group gorgeous ladies. I am looking forward to Christmas in 2017 as I will be a Nan to our first grandson due to be born next March.

  • Tracey Newton

    Christmas is about grandchildren, family, friends, over indulging in food, fun , laughter and good company.
    Remembering those who were taken to early

  • Andieharrie

    Christmas to me
    is deeper than family
    its about forgiving the year that’s been
    And creating an all loving new year theme

  • Karlie Jw

    Christmas to me is a time to be thankful for all that is good and to celebrate with family and friends & hold them close.

  • Debbie Kruger

    Christmas is about being with family and celebrating our blessings together.

  • Wendy S

    Christmas for me is spending time with family and friends and praising God for the gift of His son.

  • Carolyn Callander

    Christmas to me is watching my grandchildren and their beautiful faces leading up to, and including Christmas morning. To watch a child “believe” with all of their heart and soul makes it all worth while.

  • June McNab

    Christmas for me is all about giving and spending time with my beautiful family. Watching the faces of my grandchildren opening their presents is priceless.

  • Debrah Bassett

    christmas means Family they come from far and wide and sometimes its the only time i get to see them ,Love,Joy and Happiness

  • Kim Campbell

    People should consider others, buy the person less fortunate a coffee, say hello to stranger, add a can of food to the Salvo’s collection.

  • Debi Crosado

    Christmas is a time of rejoicing and celebrating the day Christ was born it is a time of giving and sharing with those you love and respect and of giving back to those who have given to you over the year …. love my family and friends and careers

  • Kylie Adele Curtis

    being mum to my family and nanna , no matter what it is the being together for me I simply love it.

  • Karen Phipps

    The smiles and laughter of family and friends having fun together being supportive, sharing, caring
    and loving being together

  • Matt N Kim Hall

    Spending time with family and putting our differences aside to enjoy each other’s company for the day. Watching my kids enjoy the magic of Christmas.

  • Nikki Atkinson

    Christmas is spending time with family and friends, sharing a meal and enjoying watching the kids’ faces on Christmas morning.

  • Glennis Brown

    Christmas is a time for family and Mum’s Christmas pudding. Enjoying watching my grandchildren having fun together

  • Michelle

    Christmas is a time for family and reflection.

  • Jill Edwards

    Christmas time is like no other . . . special gatherings of friends that you love to spend time with and best of all appreciating your family love.

  • Sandy Cook

    Christmas is a time of colour and glitter, fun and festivities but also some stress about making it all perfect, as you want so much to make the day an incredible memory for those you love but at the same time looking fabulous and relaxed !!!

  • Rebecca Foster

    It is a quiet day for us by ourselves but lots of phone calls from family far away.

  • Lana McCrindle

    Making personal gifts/decorations. Time to create delicious, out of the ordinary food. Delighting in family and friend gatherings. Being thankful. Being thrifty. Jesus’ birth.

  • Rebecca Thomsen

    Christmas is the wonder of spreading joy to the next generation. Doing crafts, making doughy gifts and designing gingerbread houses with the grand children

  • Raylene McPherson

    A time to catch up with family, enjoying the happiness of grandchildren opening their presents and celebrating the birth of Christ.

  • Sarah Robinson

    Christmas is about seeing my children’s faces light up with joy giving and receiving gifts, and spending precious time together making wonderful memories.

  • Janelle Dowton

    I have so many Christmas faves,
    But family is what I crave,
    Coming together from far and wide,
    Means love and laughs come supplied!

  • Jan Greenaway

    Christmas is a time of joy to be shared with family. I just love it when
    the grandchildren gather to open their presents. Priceless really.

  • Jean Britt

    Christmas for me is time for family to get together for a happy, sharing day.

  • michele carnelly

    Christmas is the rejoicing and remembering the true meaning of Christmas the birth of Jesus who made the world it is, the joy of spending the days with our loved ones is the most important thing

  • Marie Connelly

    Christmas is for getting together with family and friends and enjoying good food and fellowship and remembering all of our loved ones not with us.

  • Joni Hotrum

    Christmas is a time for exchanging thoughts ,,,, Ideas ,,,,, Time and most of all the Love we have for each other …..

  • Lorraine Harris

    Christmas is a time for getting together with family & friends to share in a wonderful celebration & give to those in need.

  • Marie Doorbeegassing

    Christmas always brings back childhood memories where christmas was the awaiting day of the year. First, it begun with the christmas households before decorating the christmas tree. My sister and I were the one responsible to decorate the christmas tree, following all my instructions to have the most beautiful christmas tree ever. Then came the second most exciting activity, which was christmas shopping. The day before shopping my dad will gave us money for our Christmas and New year shopping. On that day will woke up very early to have a big breakfast so that we don’t spent money on food. We will shop until my sister and I found all that were looking for and end up going home very late and tired but most importantly very happy and excited to wear all the beautiful clothes we bought. Finally christmas was here. What I remembered most about this day that makes it very special was that all my families were together, wearing beautiful clothes, laughter and happiness would filled the house. Now time to open the christmas gift, everybody will sit around the christmas tree and my dad will start with a speech, followed by the sharing of gift. My sister and I were so happy with our gifts that we would something cry out of happiness for the gifts that we were eagerly awaiting for. This is what christmas is for me, is being with your love ones as you never know if next year they will still be here. Merry Christmas everybody hohoho!

  • Shelley Marie Hurenkamp

    Christmas is the time for family gatherings, sharing of gifts and good will, with plenty of good food and an uncle dressed up as Santa!

  • Helen Macgregor

    Christmas to me is the ‘F’ word ! Fun ,Family, Festive, Friends, Feasting, Faith,Fellowship,Finances,Flavours,Folklore,Forgivness,Frenzy, Future.

  • Sarahmary92

    Christmas means a fun filled time of busy excitement, anticipation and delicious food to indulge in.

  • Pam Murphy

    Christmas is spending time with family and friends, enjoying the excitement as
    grandchildren open their presents. It is feeling blessed to live in our beautiful country, Australia and remembering the birth of Jesus.

  • Christine Northcroft

    *Christmas*, “Jesus is the reason for the season”! Being grateful for family and friends and not forgetting to give to people less fortunate than ourselves.

  • Melissa Moyle

    This year Christmas is about getting 4 generations of women together including a one year and a 91 year old! So special and so lucky.

  • Amanda Faux

    My son passed away recently and Christmas will be a very hard one for his sister and I. I thought perhaps I would try and find some new clothes as I don’t do this very often, especially being on the Disability Pension.

  • Kara

    Christmas is happiness. Whether its from having all my family nearby or that food coma. Its just magic!

  • Marina M

    Christmas is all about family and sharing, whether it be food or gifts but mainly happiness.


    Christmas is a hug from Grandma, a smile from relatives you haven’t seen for too long and the joy on a child’s face Christmas morning.

  • Tinki Smyth

    Christmas is about family & friends, sharing a special meal, remembering the birth of Jesus and not forgetting all the Joy that Santa brings too.

  • Anna

    Christmas – best time of the year! Time for the whole family to get together to celebrate this magical season!

  • Aloysius Rosenberg

    It is about chompin’ and munchin’ down on the best piece of chew this side of the Mississippi River.

  • Lynne Lillington

    Christmas is putting everything bad aside and doing something good for others.

  • Charelle Rogers

    Christmas is time spent with family and friends, enjoying food and refreshments, prepared in advance to avoid the stress and strain of the holidays.

  • Julia Armstrong

    Christmas to me should be fun but it is stress and sadness; it has been for years spent without friends or family. Sorry but true.

  • Teresa Angela Markovitch

    Christmas time has always been about family getting together and enjoying food and company together. This year though it is going to be a bit different as there is one member of the family that will not be joining us. A brother, son and stepson who was killed earlier this year on his motorbike. He was only 23. It is going to be a sad time for all.

  • Deasy

    Christmas is thankful moment for God’s love to us so that we also love others

  • Kerry Vincenti

    Christmas should be happy with family and friends getting together to share a meal or a drink but sometimes the cost can be a stressful. So this year we are trying to cut back so the stress doesn’t get to much.

  • Lyndel Marshall Rowe

    Christmas is the time for giving and loving

  • Val C.

    Christmas is making memories with friends/family, remembering those who have passed and together looking towards what will be.

  • Eva Kiraly

    Christmas is a time of year that we think of others more than ourselves, our focus is altered and we feel empathy, compassion and try to reach out, giving ourselves pride and love for our fellow man, making the whole world brighter.

  • Madelaine Howe

    Christmas is more often than not a difficult time of year. I use christmas to do some good for others!

  • Laura Scriven

    Having my man home for the season,
    They say it’s family time for a reason.
    No work and time together,
    Just hating the blistering weather!

  • Rachael

    Christmas is traditions, fun, laughter and making memories that will last a lifetime with the ones I love 🙂

  • Julie Howe

    Christmas is Famly ,friends, caring and giving . I love the happy upbeat christmas spirit and wish everyone had all

  • Hayley Shaw

    Christmas to me means family laughing,crying, playing outside in the sunshine. Just being together.

  • leanne

    Christmas for me is remembering what is important to you in life and making sure you celebrate this.

  • Elizabeth Davey

    to share with family and friends would make Christmas
    perfect right till the end,

  • Julie Ford

    Christmas time is all about family and friends and spending time together and winning will give our family even more to cherish and celebrate

  • Mikaela Cowan

    Full of fun and festivity,
    catching up with family,
    eating far too much stuffing and Turkey,
    is what Christmas means to me!

  • Jenny

    Relaxing with family and friend, enjoying good food and having fun.

  • Nassep

    Candles burning low
    Lots of mistletoe
    Choir singing carols
    Right outside my door
    But nothing is more joy
    Than seeing my family together

  • Kristina

    Spoiling those who truly deserve it. Giving is where I get my joy.

  • Sandy Horsfall


  • Coralie Allan

    Just bought my Mum 3 of your dresses for Christmas. She’s going to look beautiful.

  • Sophie

    Christmas is taking the time to appreciate your family and friends and making memories!

  • Lynda

    Christmas is time for Family, Friends, Food, Fun and Festive spirit.