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To enter just simply tell us in 25 words of less what is your favourite outfit from this style blog and where would you wear it?

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The competition closes this Tuesday 23rd February 2016, 5pm (AEDT).

The beautiful Rebecca; Millers customer, wife and mother models this week’s brand new outfits. What’s your favourite?

#Outfit 1
Cool, comfy and oh so stylish! These bright floral pants are comfort and fashion all mixed into one, they are flattering and trendy in an orange floral print. The style of pants is harem which features a comfy elasticated waistband with a tie front. Pair these with a navy tee for an easy daily outfit. Plus I just love the matching scarf!

SHOP >> Top, pants, scarf, pants, bag, shoes

Fashion comp 4

#Outfit 2
Go bold – go bling with this stylish tiger top which will make you stand out in the crowd. It looks great on its own but it’s also fab for layering for the colder days. Pair with a fitted pair of jeans and for the rock chic look add our faux leather biker jacket. The jacket is amazingly soft to touch and the stitch detail really makes it special.

SHOP >> Jacket, top, jeans, shoes

Fashion comp 3

#Outfit 3
This ultra-stylish knit cardigan is a piece that you can wear for seasons to come. The lavish knit stitch of this cardi has a delicate ladder type detail adding to the quality and the waterfall front is super flattering around the thighs. Style with smart prints pants for a contrast in colour – it looks fabulous!

SHOP >> Cardi, top, earrings, pants, shoes

Fashion comp 1

#Outfit 4
This stylish sleeveless cardi is perfect to layer, it is a long line style which is great to cover the bum and allow you to team with tight pants of jeans and still flatter your shape. Stripes are everywhere this season and are just an easy print to wear so it’s worth investing in them, team with black jeans and matching handbag to complete this gorgeous every-day look.

SHOP >> Cardi, top, jeans, bag

Fashion comp 5

Plus remember ladies this weekend is your chance to win a share of $500’s Millers Gift Vouchers so don’t forget to enter!

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Laura – Seeing Me Stylist

  • Bianca Sulis

    I’d wear outfit 4 to work. I always find millers clothing, to be the most comfortable and reliable wardrobe investment for work and play!

  • Linda

    Would go for outfit number 1. As it looks so comfy you could wear it anywhere, can also dress it up with the scarf or simple jewellery as well.

  • rachel sinclair

    i love outfit 3 casual yet so stylish <3 love it

  • karenny Widjaja

    I love outfit#4, the sleveless cardi is georgous, it made the suit very classy.

  • Tonia Clifton

    i like number 1 outfit. the floral pants look so lovely and would wear them everywhere.

  • Jo Adams

    I love outfit 2. Casual, but very stylish!!!!!

  • Trish

    Outfit 1 is my favourite as it looks comfy and is colourful. I would were this everywhere from work to shopping to dinner. This would be a great pick me up outfit.

  • Maria Bisbal Martinez

    I would say out fit 2 and all I’ll add would be a black Harley . I can see me now riding down main st looking like a rock chic on my Harley

  • Frances McClure

    Outfit number 1 is me i wear these comfortable clothes when flying interstate/overseas. On hot days i find these very cool and i feel great.

  • Mary Gunawan

    I love outfit number 1. The colours Black and Orange are amazing together. Millers always has stylish clothes.

  • Frances Vincent

    I LOVE them all, but for me would love No 4, as I understand it camel is a great colour to have in this seasons wardrobe and this would do me nicely would get great wear from it

  • Bianca Bonakey

    Outfit 4 for me .. I love the simplicity of the look perfect for a girls lunch out now that the kids are back at school

  • Deanna Hynes

    (Outfit No.1) While I’m on a weight loss journey. Wearing something soft & comfy is important to me. So is not hiding in the dark anymore.

  • Nata Glavan

    Outfit 1, stylish and elegant,

    Look simply divine,

    Wear it on a girls night out,

    Looking nothing less than glamorous, having a fabulous time.

  • Glenda Dixon

    Number two for me to wear to my sisters birthday party. Love the colour combination which is one of my favourites. Millers is always my first stop to find something new and stylish.

  • Lucia Saal

    I love number 4. Dressy yet casual…good for work and for a date with hubby!

  • sonya

    I liked Outfit 3, looks stylish!

  • Ashley Beech

    Love number 2 and would wear it out for lunch with my beautiful family

  • Kathryn C

    I love outfit number 2. So stylish and bold. Perfect for everyday ☺️

  • Lou West

    My favorite is number 4. Smart enough for work and stylish enough for a night out.

  • Ann Maree Sculley

    #Outfit 2 I love for the bling and whole look together , a perfect everyday outfit for me !

  • Anne-Marie Osborne

    I love outfit 1. The bold colours are warm and appealing -just right for winter.

  • Marion Astridge

    I like outfit number four as the colouring would suit me .It looks very easy to wear on any occasion ,daytime or night time .

  • Michelle McGurk

    I love number 4 I always think red makes a cloudy winter day pop and seem a bit more lively.

  • julie goudge

    I love outfit 4 I would wear it anywhere colours are great great to wear it to the movies day in the city out for tea with mu hubby.

  • Kristelle Tabardin

    Outfit four is my favourite as it is versatile. It can be worn for a nice lunch or can still fit as a casual Friday job outfit. It can be worn with flats or heels.

  • Dianne Muller

    I love no one outfit you could wear it to a lot of places Out to dinner,shopping, visiting someone, and possible to work if you work in that kind of place suitable

  • Yvonne Stewart

    Outfit 1, colourful, stylish and comfortable whilst making a real statement that you are not a shrinking violet

  • Kate Hardman

    I love outfit Number 1. Perfect for going to breakfast with the ladies 🙂

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    Number two, perfect for going out during the day to catch up with friends, and easy to dress up and look amazing for a fabulous night out. Effortlessly stylish!

  • Fiona Loadsman

    I love outfit 4 as both casual and dressy can wear anywhere!

  • Sophie Assoni

    no 3 can wear any where

  • Angela

    I love outfit number 1!!

  • shadow88

    Outfit Number 1, casual yet cool, from morning coffees to late night drinks this vibrant combo is bound to impress every time!

  • Wendy Hatton

    Outfit 3 for me. Love the pop of red. I’d wear it every day!

  • amandagorton

    The floral pants in outfit 1 are a bright change from my usual sombre wintry wardrobe. An easy to wear combo that is perfect for casual dinner dates with my family at our local club.

  • Jeanette

    My pick would be Outfit No.1 it remains me of outgoing,bright and confidence!

  • Gaylene McCrea

    Outfit 2, casual and smart.

  • Teresa Hogg

    number 3 all the way

  • PreciousPinkPetal

    #Outfit 2, it’s totally me & the question is more like, ‘where won’t I wear it!?’ Out for drinks, lunches, concerts, to the cinema, shopping with friends, visiting family, picnics in the park, day trips, the locations and situations are limitless, and to me that is the perfect outfit.

  • petrie46

    #Outfit 4 i would wear it to a bar-b-cue at the local pub

  • Glenda McDonnell

    Casual flair, classy enough, to take me anywhere, number 4, has the fashion style, that make me wear a “Miller’s” smile !

  • Bops18

    I’d pick Number 4 as it’s stylish yet casual.

  • Kerri Doolan

    Definitely outfit 4. It has my name & style written all over it. It’s the type of outfit you could wear anyplace from the races to the club to dinner .

  • Leanne Stansbury

    Love Style number four, stylish and chic but not a bore. Office wear or lunch with friends, the versatility never ends!

  • Pauline Stewart

    Outfit #1. Casual relaxed stylish all rolled into one and just happens to be in my colours! Love it for work in the cooler weather or weekends for shopping or the movies. Versatility is the key as I age! Love Millers!!

  • Kylie

    Not many 23 year olds would say they perfer to shop at millers but i do because the clothes are just me and not to revealing. Thats why i would choose outfit 4 ill would more then likely wear it all the time either out to dinner or just casually as it is dressie and casual all at the same time.

  • J Anne Lang

    Outfit 3, casual yet sassy with that gorgeous RED…Id wear it to lunch with hubby as he has arranged a double date for us with his workmate and partner!!

  • Christine Sharp

    Love love love number 1 very trendy adore the colours just my style need to get to my Millers Asap

  • James Pizzey

    Outfit 4 could see my wife wearing this on a cruise that is ideal outfit

  • Lauren Dean

    I love Outfit 1 – I love the bright colours and the fact that it looks comfotable and light to wear.

  • Ruth Stevens

    Love no.3. Would welcome my husband home from os in this looking smart and stylish!

  • Bev Burgess

    Favorite outfit is number 3. The lovely cardi and top would co-ordinate with other Millers trousers in my wardrobe thus giving me many options for my days out.

  • Caroline McDougall

    My favourite is number 1. Due to the beautiful colours this outfit could be worn casually to eg the afternoon movies and then an early dinner. Looks easy to wear and comfy.

  • Trudy Spreadborough

    I love number 3. Great for an outing with friends for coffee or to the movies. Stylish yet casual.

  • Stav Mataia

    #4 Adore this professional looking outfit and would wear it to an interview/ business meeting.

  • Tonya

    #4 is classic, comfortable and classy, definitely would wear this, shopping, out to brunch or visiting friends.

  • rosmayes

    I adore number 1!! The vibrant colours of both pants and scarf with the contrasting plain top is a stunning look! You could wear this outfit anywhere, from movies to shopping to dinner, and feel comfortable and chic!!

  • Amy

    I love outfit 1, bright, stylish but easy to throw on quickly before heading out so more time can be spent on important things like having fun!

  • Carol

    Outfit 1. It would look stunning on my Mum who has recently lost a lot of weight and needs to replace her wardrobe.

  • Judy R

    I really like No: 1, bright and cheerful, just wearing it would make you feel great! Suitable for any occasion, I’d wear it any where.

  • Rachael D

    I love Outfit #1
    Lovely to wear out with my kids!
    Lightweight & comfy
    Edgy & Fashionable
    Really need a…
    Shop at Millers please!

  • Katrina Bradfield

    Definitely outfit 2 – always a sucker for a big cat – maybe because I am a Big Kat?

  • Jan Macey

    Outfit 3 and I’d wear it when I go to Paris to see my Son later this year as so chic and still comfortable

  • Taryn Kaiser

    Outfit no 3 I would choose as its smart enough to wear to work but also to wear about in the evening when out with friends

  • Nicky Holden

    Outfit no. 4 looks like a Million Dollars! Just goes to show you don’t need to spend a fortune to look like you did!!

  • Val Thomas

    I prefer number 4 as it can be worn anywhere, day or night.

  • Karen Allan Morrissey

    Outfit two or Four. They look amazing and the outfit two has my favourite on the front…”growl”

  • Kathy Bowdlert

    Love Outfit 3, It’s simple style is something I could easily throw on, look fantastic and go anywhere. Red is always a winner.

  • kathryn burrow

    I loooove them all but I would have to pick number 3.. I think it is more me it is fashionable and classy and perfect for work and then straight out after and it looks comfortable and I am a big earring wearer…….

  • Adrienne Meyer

    Outfit 4 with its slimming look for the fuller figure, with the black pants and long cardigan. It could be worn for work or outings.

  • kylie

    #Outfit 2, I have bought almost every Tiger Print top from MIllers, Loving the Biker Jacket now on my wishlist to complete this look

  • Judith Whitehead

    difficult choice. #2 as I love the jacket but also #3 as I have jut bought the cardi. so comfy to wear

  • Madhu bala

    I like no 1 it is bright and comfy. I would like to wear it when i go out with my kids.

  • Jodie Prosser

    Outfit 4 is my favorite as casual enougj for day out with girls or chic enough for date night

  • lynn olsson

    difficult choice no 1 very colourful and love the colors in the pants looks stylish & cool to wear to a lunch date or to the movies

  • Anne

    Favourite no. 2, ? Looks so Comfy, Cute and Courageous ! ? Perfect attire to give me confidence and strength to travel, ” wherever the wind blows ” ?

  • banu shaik

    I would choose outfit number four becuase colour combinations are classy and very rich ladylike appearance which adds style, confidence and excitement our everyday normal lives.

  • Lorraine Peck

    number 2 for me

  • Dianne Merrifield

    outfit #2 It looks so comfy Great to wear when shopping or going to the movies ,bowling etc with the family 🙂

  • spog777

    Love the look and versatility of #Outfit 2 as I could wear to to family occassions or nights out with friends with confidence and style

  • Shell

    #3, does it for me.
    That cardigan knit, such a cute fit,
    I could wear it out flash, or if I just had to dash.

  • No 2 is my style, Great for shopping and meeting the girls for coffee or for a dinner date, love it.

  • Kathy Harris

    I love option 4 I think it is classic without being to severe relaxed and comfortable The handbag looks wonderful with this outfit XX

  • Margaret O’Shea

    Outfit #1. The soft pants and navy top are comfortable enough to wear to the shops and great for lunch with family & friends.

  • Maryanne

    No 2 i would wear it to the Richard Marx concert in June! it looks comfortable and stylish with a touch of class! Love it!

  • JoAnne Nitsche

    I love no.4 for its classic casual look. Great easy and comfortable for a shopping trip to the city.

  • Meryl Hinge

    No 4, is an all day flexible look; able to be worn cheering at soccer or a tea party and later having a glass of wine with friends.

  • carolyn dean

    actually I love ALL of them. and would wear them everywhere. 🙂

  • Danielle Leadbetter

    I love outfit 1 as it is so much fun and it matches my personality bright and bubbly

  • Binx

    I love outfit number 2, perfect for day and night
    Most of all I love the fit of Millers clothes. Always look great and wear very well (even straight out of the washing sometimes 🙂 )

  • Miriam

    1 or 4? 1 is that bright and zany, comfy and relaxed look: 4 is the business or dinner out look. I need them both!

  • Le Anne

    I love #Outfit 4 looks comfy & stylish 🙂

  • Leah

    I LOVE number 1!!! There is nothing better wearing something super stylish yet still so comfy 🙂

  • Lisa Page

    I like Outfit 3 – Great for during the day for school pick up but also looks great for a girls or date night.

  • Helen McBride

    No. 2…love it so much I bought it. T/Shirt and jeans for daily comings and goings. Add wedges and jacket and makes me feel quite elegant actually. Makes me ‘feel’ special. Great go to outfit(s) for holidaying, sporting events, dinners outdoors and lovely walks along the river here in Brisbane. Even though colour is my thing and love No. 1 too, No. 2 has that extra feel about it and makes me feel great when out and about.

  • Mo Fash

    Outfit 4 is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful, gorgeous and work friendly. It is also perfect for girls meet up, date nights and also for church on Sundays! It is all round perfect. Love it!, love it!! love it!!!

  • Kath

    too many to choose from, but I love wild animals. #2 Tiger Tee

  • Belinda J Burns

    Wow so sassy and stylish, loving outfit 4. Love the pop of vibrant red in the cardi, put together with the print slacks. Winning combination .

  • Valentina

    #outfit 4 for me… Love the combinations of the colors and sliveless cardi i can wear it for a diner out with my family!!!

  • belinda baldwin

    Definitely outfit 4, it is good for all occasions, casual or formal.

  • Darlene Heaysman

    Love #1. Perfect for the coming cooler months in the desert climate of Port Augusta, South Australia. Would wear this anywhere and everywhere.

  • Cheryl T

    Outfit No 2 is perfect for the cooler autumn weather coming soon combining a great look which is comfortable and fashionable together with the edginess of the bold tiger face – my type of outfit

  • Tessa St Clair

    Outfit #4 smart casual, giving me the confidence to wear day or night.

  • Pauline Frauenfelder

    Outfit No 4 as you could wear it out for dinner or just casually. Looks very comfortable

  • Kathy Gamble

    Definitely outfit 2 as it is casual but still stylish and that suits me and also it is a tiger on the top… my favourite and your casual tops amd bottoms are so comfortable

  • Sharon Markwell

    Outfit Number Four is the Millers style for me (but number one comes a close second). Very swish!

  • Kel Warwick

    outfit 4 as i think my mum would look amazing in it and it would cheer her up, to own something so beautiful

  • Narelle Mace

    Outfit 4 is definately a winner. Simple and stylish, flattering and comfortable. This go anywhere style will have you covered no matter what. Perfect!

  • Ani M

    Outfit 2, perfect for school drop off, coffee out and afternoon appointment. Casual, comfortable and definitely stylish!

  • Natalie Hollis

    outfit one is full of brightness
    perfect on an autumn day.
    stylish, crisp and comfortable
    it will have you merrily on your way!

  • Amelia Brown

    I would definitely puck outfit 3. I am a single mum of 3 handsome little men and I’m currently looking for work and I would feel so much more confident heading to job interviews in a trendy outfit like this. Stylish and work friendly. It would definitely get a lot of use in my wardrobe.

  • Dale Ann Magidson Dowden

    I simply adore outfit 4, stylish, classy for any aged lassie. And 70 year old me I can truly see I would feel so pretty!

  • outfit 2 looks beautiful

    Out fit number 2 is fabulous I would wear it for going out with my friends for coffee and a chat love millers clothes very comfortable to wear

  • Annette Pobiega

    I like elements from all 4 outfit groups that would be perfect to wear when the weather cools down.

  • Cleo Sids

    No.4 -Escape into a world of glamour, femininity ,elegance with a sophisticated edge. Fascinate , charm, dazzle and allure wherever I go. Demanding attention, leaving an impression.

  • Bev S

    Bright floral colours

    Casual scarf to be bold

    With comfy flat shoes

    Winter’s story is told

    I’d pick outfit 1

    To ward off the cold

  • Cheryl Swift

    Number 4. I love vest. Great for cooler days and cold nights. Plus the best part they hide all the bad bits lol.

  • Wanda Shanks McAllister

    Number 3 is my favourite, bright, stylish and casual, comfy enough to wear all day and then head to a friend’s place for a barbie.

  • Stacey Hollis

    i love Outfit 1 its bright and fun I love the matching scarf and orange is my favorite color

  • Roseline Smith

    Out fit #4 …Simple stunning, Sexy. Definitely my choice for best dressed on any occasion.

  • Cheryl Patroni

    I can see myself in out fit 1 boarding our Princess cruise in August,so bright ,stylish and a happy out fit

  • Lynda Whiteway

    I love outfit no.4
    I’d wear it on a flight
    To a meeting, how I’d score
    Top marks for looking right!

  • Lily Ting

    Love outfit 4 as can be worn on either lunch or dinner dates on the cool autumn or early winter season.

  • Rena Liu

    my favorite is outfit 1. it’s colourful, casual, comfortable and absolutely beautiful! There is nothing more than a comfortable & gorgeous outfit

  • Kariema Aboubaker

    No : 4 is definitely my pick as Autumn is just around the corner, and this outfit would be perfect for a Saturday luncheon with my girlfriends after a hard weeks work. And the black jeans, long vest, striped long sleeve top, and flattering handbag could easily be matched with other pieces in my wardrobe for work and pleasure alone.

  • Linda Ives

    Outfit 4, will make me look slim and sexy for date,as well as
    wear flats and take off cardi and wear it to work.

  • Carmen Dettino

    I choose Outfit 3. Professional, yet comfortable schoolwear; smart yet casual for lunch with the girls. And red! – my colour, and makes me feel great.

  • Kate

    Outfit 4. Perfect for a work day that leads in to a night a out. Love the hand bag!

  • Maria Zammit

    outfit 2, love the causal weekend bbq dress up or dress down the Jennings and tiger print, love the wedge shoes, add the jacket and its classy ready for any occasion

  • Suzanne James

    Outfit 2: Grrrrrrrowl Love it as it will bring out the tiger in me, this is one outfit I will definately feel like I am myself and feel confident in.

  • Karen

    Outfit 2 🙂 that is my favourite

  • julia Attwell

    Number 1. The colours are wonderful 🙂

  • Vickie Johnson

    Outfit 1 it’s bright easy comfort would be perfect for my overseas trip later in the year

  • Melissa Kagie

    Outfit 4, perfect for shopping, a dinner date and more.
    Style and elegance,
    Making me feel and look nothing less than glamorous.

  • Deb

    Outfit 1 bright and cheerful for lunch with the girls coming into autumn.

  • Helga Grenkowitz

    Outfil 1; I love bright colours. That’s the way I would dress every day. I might have bought similiar pants last year from Millers. I even wear a Millers dress right now which I bought online and which had been delivered earlier this week.

  • Lisa G

    Being a big procrastinator, its a tie between Outfit 3 and 4, as I like both outfits equally…..

    Looking good at any age – thanks to Millers

  • Samantha Pond

    3 for me
    I would wear it in a boat! 
    I would wear it with a goat… 
    And in the dark. And on a train…

  • Michelle Gardoll

    Outfit 3 would compliment my millers cruise wardrobe , for those relaxing nights at sea when it’s a bit cooler on deck and my favourite colour is red ..

  • Terri

    Outfit 4 is fabulous. I can see myself adding to make it a night time outfit or a jacket for work. It is so versatile and on trend

  • Heather Longmuir

    I love the combination of the top of outfit 3 and the bottom of outfit 4. Casual but dressy enough to wear any where!

  • outfit 2 it can go with a lot of other things from milers and make more then one outfit

  • Kathleen

    Definitely outfit 3 gorgeous bright red..To be worn anywhere lunch with the girls..footy eyc. just love it!

  • Kelly Masini

    I love ‘Outfit 2’ it’s casual yet stylish and it would be great to wear out for lunch with my friends.

  • Chloe

    Outfit 2, you can wear it nearly everywhere and its soft which is great for a snuggly night on the sofa with your perfect someone

  • Ruth Elkner

    Outfit 1 is bright and colourful and perfect for the cooler months. Stylish and casual to wear to the office, shopping and add some accessories and it is perfect for the night time. With cooler weather coming, some colour in the day. Love this outfit!

  • Sue Elliott

    Outfit 4 is the one for me I could see me wearing that when I go out for lunch with the girls

  • Nicola

    Number 1 is bright, stylish and cheerful which makes it perfect to wear in cooler months. Would mix and match really well within existing wardrobe

  • Bianca Fitzpatrick

    Outfit 3 is the one for me! Smart and bold with a splash of red. For work or the weekend, it’s really on trend!

  • Patricia Emmanuel

    Outfit 3 classically feminine and gorgeous. Absolutely love the red knit cardigan. Comfortable and flattering. Perfect for a lunch date with my husband.

  • Ruth Gray Dickson

    Outfit #1 could be worn just about anywhere. Dinners, coffees, shopping – the possibilities are endless. Colours to suit any age, any complexion, any body.

  • Jill Winter

    #3 – just right for a casual dinner

  • Susanne Jeffreys

    Outfit 1, I love the bright pants, and i have a number of similar Millers pants that I wear all through summer, with a plain colour top, I feel so comfortable and nicely dressed wearing them, to the beach and a nice restaurant after, also taking the dogs for walks..

  • Tanya Roberts

    Outfit #3 – what a fabulous combination! Smart and stylish, with a pop of colour. Great for all shapes and sizes.

  • Katrina Parkes

    Outfit 1 because it’s vibrant and suits the person who I want to be on weekends, no black and white dull clothing here on weekends.

  • Linda Barlow

    outfit 3! The cardigan is flattering to all figures, part of your all seasons wardrobe. Pants and shoes go with any solid colours. Cost effective.

  • Sue Bowers

    I love outfit 4, perfect for weekend get toethers, even taking the grandkids to the movies- swap the jeans for pants and could also wear to work.

  • robyn62

    Outfit 3 is the one I will choose. Vibrant red cardi tops off the comfort of the Bengaline pants. Easy wear; day or night . fabulous.

  • Ruth Bassett

    Outfit 4… love the way the colours work together without being matchy and the different layers make it very flexible. Covering the bum is an extra bonus!

  • jennifer williams

    Outfit one. I have a wardrobe full of Millers clothes and I have been wearing a different outfit ever day for 5 weeks while having radiotherapy for breast cancer. I was determined not to let it get to me so would walk out of the house every morning fully made up, hair done and dressed in my colourful clothes. Just made me feel good.

  • Sandra Parsons

    I love outfit #3.. this is something that is casual yet “dressy”.. great for a lunch and movie date.

  • Barbara Robinson

    No 4 stylish enough for lunch, the races and dinner afterwards.

  • Ataya Robertson Warraich

    Outfit 1 for me! It looks cool and comfortable with style, hard to get all 3. Would be perfect for shopping, coffee with friends, stroll around the markets

  • A Ackerley

    Outfit 2, its stylish, dignified and also fun.

  • Sandy Summerfield

    Outfit 2 for me. I love the casual look that could be dressed up to go out. Looks great, but also looks super comfy!

  • Julie Ince

    Outfit number 1 for me.. I love the bright colours, it looks comfortable and easy to wear.

  • Linda Opolion

    Outfit 1. I love the vibrant colors of the pants and matching scarf. I prefer comfortable clothing that is eye catching . I would wear this outfit everywhere.

  • Jennifer Constantine

    I absolutely love Outfit 2. It is comfortable, stylish and can go anywhere. The colours are perfect for Autumn. Of course you can never be wrong when you are taking a tiger with you, they of course are also beautiful and stylish.

  • Kylie McCutcheon

    Out fit 3 is perfect for every day. Drop kids off looking fab then on to work or lunch with friends.

  • Suzanne Goldsworthy

    OUTFIT 4 would so suit me to hide all my unwanted extra bumps and bulges. I could wear this to so many things be it casual lunch or dining with friends in the evening. Love the colours and would be extra comfy when flying also.

  • aunty ro

    outfit 4great for luncheons ,work, movie date{if I was still young enough and free] perfect for evening also and great to mix and match

  • Meran Taylor

    Outfit 3. It would prove multifunctional for traveling with, and would not take up much room in a suit case. Love the bright, colour contrasts.

  • kerrie

    Outfit 2
    Absolutely love it can wear anytime anywhere as a going out to dinner outfit or around the house even shopping

  • Marie

    Outfit 1 is so perferct for the summer season. The colours and the style is perfect for any meet up with friends, go to the movies, lunch or dinner with friends and families. it just light up your mood !!! love it

  • Liz Allen-Cogdale

    Outfit 2 please! Easy, pretty and comfy! As a busy mum, this is great to throw on and go! Perfect for anything the day brings!

  • Sandy Franklin

    Out fit 1 … This out fit would be great to wear when meeting friends for lunch, going to the movies, afternoon/evening BBQ either at home or at the beach/park, it’s casual but dressie smart out fit…

  • Cheryl Carr

    Outfit 1 for a casual autumn day loose fitting pants with matching scarf for a day at the races or a walk along a pier.

  • Sharon Maree Smith

    Outfit 2, i could wear this anytime and feel like a women

  • Sally Jones

    Outfit 2 is more me and I would wear it anywhere and everywhere comfortable but stylish

  • bev woods

    Outfit 1 for me i love colours

  • Joy Perkins

    i won’t win vouchers, but wanted to comment. I wish that there had been another model used – size 18-20. Stretch jeans are not a good look for bigger women like me, and t-shirts that don’t camoflague the lack of waistline are also not flattering.

  • Holly Livingstone

    Outfit #3 as I am always a huge fan of contrast in an outfit. It makes it “pop” and looks so striking!

  • Spring Blossom

    loving them all but for me definitely outfit 1, she looks comfortable as well as stylish, dress up/down – wear me anywhere outfit, love it!!

  • Denise Graham

    Outfit 2 is great. Comfortable and I love the tiger tee.

  • Nicola Chadwick

    Outfit 2
    I would wear this on my plane trip to USA not only looks great but comfortable too, the colours are great for traveling will done millers

  • Lisa White

    Outfit 1 Lunch date and a couple of games of pool on a Sunday arvo at the local pub with my man.

  • Leonie Daly

    Outfit 3 – I’m always looking for casual but comfortable clothes for work. Being a bigger lady, the knit cardigan hides my lumps and bumps ?

  • June

    Love 2&4 i only buy tops and some pants as i am very hard person to get clothes for. but i love millers, i would love to look like some of your models
    My mother buys nothing but millers.

  • Susan Keating

    Out fit 2 …stylish yet casual. Great for an outing to the shops or lunch, a party and or an casual evening meals with friends.

  • Lisa White

    Outfit 2 After touring on the Harley at the Hog Rally around Mildura, get changed, sit back and enjoy the day.

  • Lisa White

    Outfit 3 Attending my mates 50th birthday bash in the back yard.

  • Lynne Ewer

    Outfit 3 is the one for me! Love patterned pants and the long line cardi. Those red earrings add a touch of style! Love Millers!

  • Kye Sargeant

    Outfit 4. Looks so comfy and perfect for catch up coffee with friends

  • Julie Ward

    Outfit 4 – this is great for the evening out, a visit to the movies, a walk through the park, as work attire and a day out shopping. Very versatile, love it.

  • Maureen Cole

    I like outfit 4it’s body flattering, stylish and suitable to wear for me to lunch with friends even dinner and to lady’s groups eg Red Hatters especially to for plane flights looks comfortable and dressy
    Maureen Cole

  • jan

    i would pick outfit 1 . very stylish and i would wear it out to dinner and the movies or a walk along the beach. very stunning love to show it off and let everyone know where i got it from .

  • Deanna Dixon

    I buy all my clothes from Miller’s or Big W but as a mum looking for casual gear to play in, I don’t like any of the 4 outfits above. Miller’s has heaps of other stuff I do like though!!!

  • Mariam Haytch

    Outfit 4. Comfort meets style in this beautiful outfit that will be absolutely perfect to wear for work. I love the vest and matching bag.

  • Kay Bobiak

    Out fit number 2 is my favorite anything with tigers im in love with

  • Dianne Sebo

    I love outfit 3. Going on a cruise in June and it would be great to wear to dinner in the dining room and then on to one of the shows or the movies.

  • Marilyn

    Outfit 3 would be perfect for me as I am a shortie and the long pants make me look taller. Red and black are my colours perfect with my grey hair. Style excellent for my next Probus meetings .

  • Malinda Morrison Kanongata’a

    outfit 3. My first child has recently started school, my biggest dilemma is what do I wear. I need a yummy mummy makeover to fit in.

  • Mary Grose

    my favourite outfit is no 3 as it is casual and stylish to wear anywhere.I also as I live in NZ purchase online so go Millers I love you…

  • Denai Scott

    I’m definitely a 4. Comfy but covered in all the right spots!


    Outfit 4 I absolutely love can go to many occasions in this. LOVE
    LOVE LOVE…..

  • Lyn Murphy

    Outfit 4 is very me. I would wear it out to family breakfasts on weekends.

  • Maria Creedon

    It’s a hard choice, but I have to go with outfit 1. I love the bright comfortable pants and matching scarf. The shoes are ideal for a nice long work or a day out. Just overall stylish and fun at the same time. Great pieces to mix and match with lots of other clothes. Good job Millers!

  • Julie Spillane

    tossing up between 3 and 4 but I think it comes down to the handbag. 4’s the winner

  • Ann Mason

    I can’t go past vibrant red so outfit 3 for me to wear and feel stylish while shopping and visiting friends.

  • Kirsten McLauchlan

    Outfit 2 – casual, sexy and strong, all at once. I would wear this to lunch, shopping, a movie…anywhere laid back. The shoes rock!

  • Kellie Maree Weller

    I love Outfit 2!!! This is the type of outfit I would buy when I walk into a Millers store. The other outfits are nice but Number 2 stands out for me!

  • Linda lloyd

    I like them all red is my favourite colour so the cardi is great in 3 but they can all mix and match you have a complete wardrobe with these 4 outfits suitable for any occasion I’d really love the prize so I can be a groovy NANNA for my grandkids

  • Sharyn Wright

    Outfit 2 is me I think, looks modern and with it .Being small I think exactly me

  • Adele Smith

    Outfit 4 has me looking mighty fine from a day out shopping and lunch to a social gathering around the barbecue! All class!

  • Kumudu welgama

    Outfit 2- it is very casual and also it looks so comfortable to stay in. Perfect to where to anywhere, its absolutely gorgeous ! Love it heaps !

  • Jo Barreiro

    I’m loving outfit number 4 it’s a real wow factor It’s smart but also casual it could be worn for day or night outings fabulous.

  • Mary

    I love Outfit 4 – thinking of travel, layering and comfort. Super large handbag to hold all the essentials too!

  • Nicole Sly

    outfit 1, lovely and casual, can wear anywhere, shops, club, lunch and still be stylish especially in QLD heat. Love it.

  • Dobrila Bavich

    Outfit 4 is very stylish the colour’s are a mix of soft and bold not over the top my children would be proud to take me to lunch or even dinner in this outfit .

  • Debbie Butler Gilbert

    Outfit 1 as I love florals. The outfit can be dressed up or down and hide the “bits” we don’t like. Social night out, shopping or school run, this is perfect.

  • Vicki Whittaker

    Outfit 3 as Red Sizzles!!. Love the fall of the cardi and entire outfit with sexy earrings. Wear casually through day or a night out!

  • Sally Tan

    Outfit 1: Plain blouse and colour/floral scarf.. It is versatile and can be worn in many ways as office and evening wear.

  • Michelle Budge

    OUTFIT  1.
    It is so summery, fun and stylish. I would so wear it on our cruise to Fiji. Love the colours they are so me.

  • Amna Yasir

    I would wear them all but my fav is #1 love the color combo, perfect comfy style, figure flattering, perfect weekend outfit for me. Youthful and subtle at same time.

  • Shanelle

    Outfit 1. Stylish and comfy. Perfect for my flight to Hong Kong and exploring the sights and sounds there.

  • Renae Nixon

    Absolutely love number 4, great for a professional work outfit. I work in sales so I meet a lot of people every week and I have to be looking my best every day. Definitely will be purchasing this outfit for work.

  • Deb Watkins

    Absolutely Nr 2. Love it. Effortless casual style. Comfortable and stylish. Able to be worn with so many other combinations.

  • Emma jayne

    Love love love outfit 4. U can style it up with heels or wear flats to the footy or coffee with the girls.

  • Jenna Kotz

    Outfit #2. I love some bling and jeans are just my thing. I love to layer and wear jackets too. Oh Miller’s style I do love you.

  • Susan Hass

    Nr 4 would be my choice, look good could go anywhere wearing it, get off the plane after a long flight and still look fresh and ready to go

  • Charmaine Davis

    Wearing with confidence, style number two to casual brunch out with my girlfriends. A Latte and a guilty cake at our favorite Lygon street cafe.

  • Erin Robinson

    Outfit #1! Orange is my favourite colour & I already have multiple pairs of harem pants from Millers that I love to wear.

  • Ashley Wright

    My favourite is outfit 4. I love the sleeveless cardi and handbag as they look smart sophisticated and comfortable perfect
    For a girls catch up.

  • Anna Gouldham

    Outfit No 2 as it’s a girl’s purrfect mix and match, dress it down for the movies and add the stylish jacket for dinner or a show on the town!

  • Tabatha Voss

    #2 looks the most relaxed and least fuddy duddy

  • Trudi Kelly

    Outfit 2 is me, casual easy but with style and flair, but if I want to go out for tea, down the local restaurant, I can dress it up. Im not much for fancy, I prefer easy and chic, with style

  • Divya

    I love Outfit #1. Its so lovely, comfy, stylish and gorgeous. I can wear it any day anywhere when I want to be comfortable & least bothered about my dressing.

  • Janet Feldman

    Outfit number 1 is perfect for a market trawling excursion! Comfy to throw on, the harem pants are a bit ‘hippy’ but very stylish!

  • Sharon

    Outfit 3 is a great outfit for a casual day out and lunch with family and friends

  • Leanna Booth

    Outfit No 4 is beautiful. Cruising around New Zealand in April, this would be perfect day wear or even on casual dinner nights. Love it!

  • Sarah-Jane Smith

    Outfit 4. Smart, stylish and comfortable. Able to take you from work to shopping to dinner. Perfect!

  • Marie Frederic

    Number 4, very versalite and can be worn for any occassion,work meeting up with friends. Colours are fresh. Love it

  • carol morgan

    I absolutely love #outfit 2 as it looks edgy while being ultra comfy and would suit most ages and body types. I would wear it to brunch with girlfriends or a night out with hubby!

  • Sabina Gibb

    Outfit 2. Jeans are so versatile and comfy, yet stylish! This oufit will definitely bring out the rock chic in me!

  • Maria Stringer

    Outfit one is my favourite, to wear to next weekend’s barbie and impress my friends, they will all be jealous of how chic I look!

  • Tracy Haskell

    I love the bold red with the print pants in outfit 3. Happy to wear to work AND out for a drink with the girls ??

  • Shelley Goodman

    I LOVE outfit #1; it is my favorite. I really love the trousers and I would certainly wear them to Kmart

  • Christine Dixon

    Outfit #1 I’d wear for weekends casual comfy and can be dressed up with the scarf to go weekend shopping or visiting.

  • Anneloves Chang

    My personal favorite is outfit 4
    It looks neat, stylish, comfy and sophisticated.
    I believe that this particular outfit would look great on anyone, so this is why I chose outfit 4 🙂

  • Miriam

    I would wear outfit 2 as it looks stylish but comfortable would be great to wear to a concert or bbq

  • narelle nicholls

    I like outfit 4. I would wear it out shopping or for coffee or lunch with the girls.

  • Danielle Barrett

    Outfit #1? is my fav. Would wear to ladies lunches. Harem style pant is great when my tummy is full easy to loosen!

  • Joan Harrison

    Outfit #1 I’d wear it anywhere! Stylish, comfy and perfect for larger ladies! I have a weight complex, so perfect for me! It’s also beautiful!

  • Jane Hunter

    Outfit 2 for me. Kids sport, girls catch up or out for dinner with heels. Love black and white and jeans…

  • Val Moore

    Outfit 4 is my fav. A stylish outfit for shopping or casual get together .Love the splash of colour to break up the monochrome

  • Mel M

    Outfit 2 you could wear it to a bbq with friends or a girls catch up you can also dress it up for a night out with Hubby 🙂

  • Bonny Willsmore

    Outfit #3 the pants are amazing, the shoes look classy, the earrings are the icing on the cake!

  • Rayleen O’Shea

    #Outfit 1 – I can see myself wearing this having lunch with the girls after a morning shopping. The orange floral print makes this outfit special.


    I rather like all out fits, they can all be casual or for going out, just dress up or dress down

  • Judith Day

    Judith Day
    Outfit #4. This outfit could be worn anywhere, it would still look great. I would wear it out with friends when meeting for lunch or out in the evening to a casual affair.

  • Ellie Frawley

    Outfit #4 is definitely me, is one of those perfect outfits to dress up or down for catching up with the girls, work orientated, date nights, hubby always says he loves me in fashion like this even with the heels or flats and me being me would add a scarf tie to my hair for different outings. Love it as its an all rounder.

  • Lorrayne Waller

    Outfit 4 and I wear it where ever I can when ever I could as it it smart and stylish

  • Rosalie Patton

    Outfit #1 Perfect! could wear it anywhere any-time, dressed up or casual, will mix & match with my wardrobe giving several outfits for one low price.

  • Jacqui Ensor

    Outfit 1: It’s dressy as well as comfortable you can wear Millers clothes to work, to the races and always look like a Classy lady!

  • jax

    I love outfit 2. Neat and crisp, especially with the jacket. A great weekend outfit for wearing about town.

  • Julie Higgins

    As I am a gal who can be having a coffee catch-up with girlfriends in the morning .. then night time tappas with my amazing neighbours …outfit #3 is perfectly styled and accessorised to cover my social outings . Perfectly suited to visiting family ..or packing for that wonderful Fijiian Cruise … ..take me away Millers .

  • Tigerlilly Houdini

    I like all the outfits – they all look really nice. However for my style, I would personally go for #Outfit 2 – I would wear this on the weekend as well as during the week – you can dress this up or down with minimal or maximum accessories.

  • betty

    I like set no. 4. I travel very long distances in the car at times, this would be perfect, without wearing the jacket, and it then could be used to make the outfit, fully fashionable when I alight.

  • Robyn Robertson

    Outfit #1. Out to that special Lunch with the Girls. Casual yet dressy – beautiful stylish colours and trendy style 🙂

  • Casey Britton

    I really like outfit number 3. It shouts “I feel good today!” It looks bright and happy while still being stylish. Must layby this.

  • Margaret Kovic

    Outfit 4 Is definitely my favourite wear it out anywhere, for a day or night out with the girls, family gatherings or a coffee catch up with someone special. Endless possibilities for this stylish outfit. Well done millers!!!

  • Joanne Hartwell

    My favourite is Outfit #2. I would wear it on the weekends, to catch up with some girlfriends for coffee and doing some shopping, and dressing it up with heels and jacket in the evening for a dinner some where nice and movies xxx

  • Debra Harris

    Outfit #3 I love red and white, would wearr to work, dress up with heels and necklace for the evening.

  • Angela Carter

    Outfit 2 for me. I love the biker jacket and recently bought one from millers in black. Can wear anywhere and feel the rock chic vibe.

  • Penny Costello

    Outfit #3. I could wear this to work and also transition into a dinner/evening look. It’s seamless from day to night

  • Freda Ackroyd

    Outfit #1 – I love the colours and would were it anywhere – but especially out for dinner with my classmates from The Coaching Institute

  • Eugenia

    I’d love to wear outfit #1 when my husband takes me to my favourite cafe to celebrate coming out of hospital after a total hip replacement. I’ll be glamourous and feeling fantastic!

  • carlene cameron

    I love all the outfits but 3 is my favourite warm, smart and fun for day time and casual evening.

  • Georgina Hynd

    Number four please as it will nicely hide all my cuddly bits whilst giving the illusion that said cuddly bits don’t exist.

  • Jen Simpson

    outfit 4…perfect for lunch out with the girls or drinks at the club, an altogether versatile outfit that you can throw on the flats for the casual look or put on the heels and jewellery for some WOW!

  • Annie Forsyth

    My favourite is outfit#1. I could wear it to school and still be “cool”.

  • vicki nicholson

    outfit 4 is just beautiful so smart looking can wear this anywhere dress it up with jewellery to go out for the night or wear just like this so elegant very smart looking just beautiful xx

  • Kerry Rouse

    Outfit 4would be perfect for an informal work meeting.

  • Jem Cabban

    outfit 1 is just full of life and fun it would brighten any day and wearing it would put a smile on my face all day

  • Tooba Khan

    Outfit # 2 is definitely my type!! Am a Leo, so a big fan of the wild cats ,the real warriors!! So wearing this outfit with the ultimate all time favourite, leather jacket , completes the look with a bang !! Millers has been my choice for every occasion and Its always difficult to say no to any of the outfits.. Keep up the good work!

  • Marian Bakker

    Outfit #2 I could wear it shopping,lunch with friends and out for a meal at night .I love the jacket so easy to pair with other outfits

  • Myedilip

    I love outfit #1. I always want to wear casual, super cool and vibrant outfits while dropping off and picking kids from school, this is perfect.

  • Kaye Morris

    I would choose Outfit#4, very stylish and dressy for any occasion.

  • Margaret McDonald

    Outfit 4 as the long cardi is great to cover all my lumps and bumps and still look great. An outfit for day or night.

  • Rose Slade

    Love # 3 perfect to brighten up any outing but especially when I take my stressed daughter out to celebrate her special birthday next week

  • Luba Anderson

    Outfit #3 So versatile.You could wear as is anywhere, visiting, shopping, casual dining. Also wear the components separately to mix and match with other outfits.

  • Louise Butler

    I would definitely pick outfit 4 – it is stylish and can be dressed up or down, for work or smart casual. I am also always looking for pieces that mix and match and are versitlie with other outfits, including the bag!

  • Bree Henderson

    Outfit number 3 is my favourite. I’d wear it to work, keeping comfy and trendy in my classroom.

  • Wendy

    # 4 : A Stylish outfit that commands Pizazz!!!-I would wear this whilst travelling to Europe or jet setting around the world as the layers would dictate the weather changes.

  • Narelle Campbell

    I would like to wear outfit 1 because it it bright and cheery. I would wear it out to lunch in my home town Napier NZ, which is also bright and cheery!!

  • Margaret Noone Whitehead

    Outfit no 1 would be my choice as the colours would blend beautiful on my sunset cruise plus the colours are just so vibrant.

  • Denise Lawson

    Outfit1.. I can where this anywhere and for anything..lunch out with the girls..on a plane trip..add the scarve and out to dinner

  • Sandhya Susindar

    Love outfit 4, it’s gorgeous. perfect for work. it’s stylish, classy and formal at the same time.I wish you had size 8 though

  • Lucy Preece

    outfit 2 would be my go to outfit as its just me smart and casual I love it

  • Merryn Williams

    With Autumn approaching fast this outfit says it all – zibrant colours with a little bit of warmth for those cooler mornings and nights. Love it!

  • Dagmar Arnott

    Outfit 2 has the grrr wow factor. Easy to layer and since loosing weight allows me to look smart and trim

  • Sue Vanderham

    I would wear outfit #2 to a wine tasting trip to Mudgee NSW this May! It looks very smart, comfortable and warm!

  • Christine Canty

    outfit 4 is dressy/smart but you could wear it for casual as it is a versatile outfit it would be suitable for wearing it to a show in the city, out to meet a friend for lunch, work, or out for dinner.

  • Junene de Kaste

    Love the bright colours in number 1. I would love it for Vietnam in August.

  • liana

    I choose outfit no:1 as I like the casual but classy look. It would be very comfortable and cool and versatile, as I could wear it for daywear and dress it up with a bit of bling jewellery for an evening dinner or catch up with friends.
    This is a winner in my opinion, but, of course, all Miller’s outfits are winners!

  • Karen Whyte

    Outfit 1. Bright and colourful and the scarf adds another dimension. Diner and movies, Sunday church then markets and lunch. Apart from work endless possibilities.

  • Cheryl Adaszko

    outfit 2 would be great on a European River Cruise, casual, but elegant.

  • Nicolle Arthur

    Outfit #4 is my favourite. It would be the perfect outfit to wear for a day out in the city shopping with the girls. Love it.

  • Cheryl Hegggen

    Outfit#1, beautiful bright floral colors on legs& neck with darker contrast chest area. I’ll wear on my First trip to USA in Nov.

  • Heather Goodall

    i like outfit two its an everday wear anywhere style

  • Sandy Cook

    I love outfit 4 I think it is trendy and stylish, perfect for a morning coffee or for a delicious evening meal out. I’d feel so glamorous!!

  • kathy clark

    Outfit 2 is me all over

  • Gayle Donnelly

    Love them all but outfit 4 stands out for me very stylish yet casual a very versatile outfit and the bag works so well love it!

  • Timeka Auld

    outfit #1. Comfort and Navy, what more could a girl want

  • LeilaniCrystal

    I love number 2. I love any designs with cats, big or small, and is the most casual which I love.

  • Lissa

    All nice but outfit 3 for me. Smart, comfortable casual with great colour/print combo I can wear to work and beyond.

  • Michele Crawley

    Outfit 3 wins for me. Perfect for a Friday luncheon with the girls. Looks comfy, yet super stylish and on trend!!

  • Lesley Kuziow

    Outfit number one would be perfect for my cruise to Tasmania this Autumn, as it is a fun outfit but with lots of class!

  • Shiralee Merrick

    Outfit 1 – because it is so bright and colourful. I would wear it anywhere just because I could.

  • Barbara Chapman

    Outfit 4…Can wear anywhere as I jump at the chance for a long line style. Black jeans and handbag to finish. YES

  • Kaye Saunders

    Outfit #2 Jeans/top = classically smart. Add the jacket – now it is trendy enough to take me to the opening night of my art exhibition.

  • Anne Clements

    Outfit 3 calls out to me . Suit me to a t .

  • cathy whiteman

    Outfit one.With Millers quality and style.I love the combination,with Navy and Florals.I would wear it to Brunch with the girls.

  • Leanne Smith

    Outfit #4 – it’s stylish, I could wear it out day or night & still look great & be comfortable. I love it.

  • Margaret

    outfit 4- most stylish of all

  • Fiona Brown

    I love the rich colours in outfit number 1. I would wear this out casually, out to dinner or to be comfortable at home. Versatile!

  • Sharon Abrahamov

    I really love Outfit #3… I wear only black but this splash of red with the cardi looks so stylish and comfy! Love love it

  • Julie Pelusey

    I really like outfit 2 – looks super comfy and my style that I would everyday shopping, having coffee with friends etc

  • Shirley Birch

    outfit #2 casual but smart

  • Geraldine

    Love them all and could choose each one at their competitive prices. However number 4 would take a modern woman into every scene with style and sophistication.

  • Sharon Broder

    Outfit 4 is just gorgeous. smart looking outfit that would go from day to night without a problem, love it xox

  • Karen

    I love outfit 4 its an outfit u can dress up or down depends on the occasion

  • Malinda Anderson

    I would choose outfit 1 i love the pretty floral prints great to wear it to my local shopping mall and shop at Millers!

  • Heather Saunders

    After loosing 23kilo any of the above would do me fine

  • Melissa Baillie

    Outfit #1 is my facohrite, im into bold florals at the moment and i just love the flowers on these pants! I could wear them out on date night or just out and about shopping with my daughter, anywhere i went wearing these i would look trendy.

  • Sarina Sala

    I love outfit 3, it looks very comfortable and you can where this outfit for any type of event, very smart looking! I love it!

  • June

    Outfit 2 is my choice of style. I like smart but casual suits me to a T.

  • Tracey Susan Cotter Reeve

    Outfit#4 is my ideal as it reflects a smart casual look that goes across a number of possibilities at home, work and social occasions.

  • Crystal Adams

    Outfit 1 is a casual relaxing style perfect for taking the kids for school or heading out for a casual coffee or drinks with friends.

  • Narelle J Michel

    I love outfit 2. The jeans with the black top & the biker jacket is my style and can be worn casually or in the evening to a dinner or party.

  • Vivienne Sevil

    Outfits 1&2 great for casual wear. 3&4 Stylish, perfect for day or night, all great for small or larger women . my favourite outfit 4.

  • Deb

    Outfit 3 because its the whole package, its daytime to evening smart casual. Great for travel, shopping or lunch.-perfect for mum.

  • Di Nice

    I love the outfit #3 Good for Autumn, winter & spring.. wear it everywhere 🙂

  • Sandie Quin

    I love outfit 1, I would wear it to work, out with friends, shopping, well I guess I would wear it almost anywhere, being confortable and stylish is important to me. ……. also I love the colours.

  • bailesnz

    Outfit four for me !! Its not the question of where I would wear this .. as the answer would be try and NOT get me to wear it Love it and its definitely me

  • Andrina Hibbert

    Outfit 4 perfect to wear out for lunch or dinner. Would make any woman in her 40s feel young and trendy again love it.

  • Kathy Howarth

    I like outfit 4 as it’s something that I would wear out on a lovely stroll or picnic, and then you could dress it up with a nice scarf and earrings and go out for dinner. Just love it x

  • Tabitha Jenner

    Outfit 2! Love the print on the shirt and the jacket dresses it up for going out for a meal or something else nice.

  • Jeanette Zinsli

    I love the red knit cardigan and white shirt, perfect to brighten up the winter months. I

  • Jessica Bennett

    Outfit 2 looks amazing and comfortable, I would wear it out anywhere as it is the type of clothing I would wear.

  • Nicolle

    Outfit 1 is stunning! With Autumn coming up the beautiful floral pattern pants will match in lovely, with the elastic waistband these pants would be comfortable for anything your day throws at you whether it being shopping, work or catching up with friends 🙂 These pants will go lovely with a yellow, navy, orange or red top and the scarf will dress it up and make it an even cuter outfit, and the shoes well they are just amazing any girl loves her comfortable shoes you can walk all day in and the colour makes them adorable as well. You can also dress this outfit up with a lovely pair of earrings, bracelet and necklace 🙂

  • Anna Waltisbuhl

    Outfit #2. Animal tee accentuates upper body while Slimline pants accentuates the bottom. Making you look sexy and ready for anything. The bikie jacket just completes relationship.

  • Awa De Silva

    Absolutely love the outfit #1. Love the pants and the comfy flat shoes, I can almost wear it anywhere, actually this is my current style.

  • Samantha Bankier

    I love outfit #2 as it’s definitely my style.I would wear it out shopping or to catch up with friends.

  • Laura Scriven

    Outfit 3 with its red cardigan,
    Of bright colours I’m a fan!
    And the pattern is different to dull black,
    I would suit that.

  • Kay Slodecki

    I’d wear No. 4, with boots, to an afternoon movie with my bestie. Then change into high heels for dinner with my partner.

  • Kathy Kate Willett

    #1 is so bright and colourful combined with the soft floaty fabrics and comfortable styling that would make them just perfect for those weekend picnics, family get togethers, bbqs with friends and jaunts to the beach or out into the country.

  • Anne Lilly

    Outfit #3
    ready for travel, ready for fun,
    wearing this outfit, you’ll feel number 1.
    Be ready to show the style and grace
    That millers great fashions have embraced.
    So whether you dress me up or dress me down,
    You’ll turn heads around the town!

  • Bhagyashree Pohankar

    Outfit 4: Just stylish,and so comfortable – I can wear it as a casual one at work and also for a relaxed day out wid family!

  • Definitely outfit #4! It’s so versatile that I could wear it on the weekend or even to work with the right accessories.

  • Gail Miller

    Being young at heart…I love outfit No. 2….this would be perfect for me the jeans, jacket….just love the whole ensemble

  • Robyn Wise

    Outfit 1. You could wear it shopping or lunch. Or you could dress it up and wear out to dinner or show in the city. Love it.

  • Fran Winkler

    Outfit 3 – This is such a good outfit that will never go out of fashion as it is so comfortable to wear to the shops, movies, out to lunch with the girls and many other destinations. Absolutely love it

  • Teresa Tantaro

    Outfit 3 is my favourite. It’s elegant and casual and very versatile. The pants are extremely comfortable too!

  • Chrissy07

    Outfit 2 is absolutely me. I just love it. Beautiful and stylish.

  • Jill

    Outfit #4. Super stylish andddd comfortable. I would wear it anytime. ?

  • Kristin

    LOVE No 4!!! Stylish. classy and comfortable. Just perfect for a day shopping the markets, a lunch and carry on to dinner. And…the bag…means I can pick up a few things along the way 🙂

  • cindy cabral

    outfit 2 l would wear it shopping out for lunch or dinner it is very smart and it would make me fill good in it .

  • Sonia Saxena

    Outfit 4 is elegant classic and comfy .. I would wear it to Sunday waterfront high tea party … Simply beautiful !

  • Jumana Dughan

    Outfit # 2 for everyday for busy mum elegant and casual , it is so dress up to impress , luv it with beautiful jewellery .. Beautiful.

  • Christina laspada

    I love outfit number four you can almost wear it with anything.and acessorise with jewellery.

  • Linda Michael

    Outfit 4 is just the style I love to wear out to lunch with the girls. It looks comfortable & easy to mix & match.

  • Anne

    Favourite outfit number 2, love anything with Tigers, so stylish and chic with fitted blue jeans also flattering cardi and comfy wedges, very smart casual!

  • Carolyn Starr

    Outfit #3. It’s perfect for a coffee morning that stretches into lunch and an afternoon shopping.

  • natalie saunders

    I love outfit #1. beautiful Autumn colours that would match the falling maple leaves on my daily stroll to the park.

  • Noela Laing

    outfi1 it is the only one that I could wear comfortably. It has elasticated waist pants.. I would wear it to visit my grandchildren in Inverell (so that I would look nice).

  • Kay Dinter

    outfit 1 love the bright colour of the pants and the print is gorgeous and the top is brilliant can wear this outfit anywhere, from taking kids to school, lounging around or out to lunch or dinner with the family, such a easy outfit to dress it up for all occasions. LOVE IT

  • Christine Reece

    Outfit 3 is perfect for catching up with family and friends, casual dining, movies, shopping – anywhere you want to feel comfortable and look smart.

  • Anne Benson

    Outfit 1 is a winner, but would I be daring enough to wear floral pants? I love the warm colours and comfortable fit.

  • Debbie Wilson

    Outfit 1 has won me with the floral pants that are so comfy. Would be great to wear out for lunch or dinner. Love it

  • Annie

    Outfit #4 my choice. Stylish , sleek. An outfit you could wear either to an appointment or a day shopping. Very smart

  • sara Fawdry

    Outfit 2 for sure it would suit the younger generation which would be nice if you catered for a bit i love your clothing ?

  • Daryl Hobman

    #Outfit 3 I’d wear this out to Dinner, a Show, the Movies or visiting friends

  • Helen Dyer

    Outfit1 perfect for the coming autumn days. Add the scarf and some comfy shoes and I’m all set for work. Love it!

  • mehvish

    Outdit #4 elegant, smart , impressive want to wear on shopping , meeting with a friend ,night out. Its gorgeous for covering bum as well . I am muslim i need to cover my body according to our religion so this outfitis perfect for me

  • kaye madden

    Outfit number 4. It’s stylish, super smart but still very fashionable. This outfit would make me feel both comfortable and self confident for any occasion.

  • Shirley Poublon

    i dont really like any of the outfits you have put together for this competition, if i really had to choose i would choose one,,

  • Amanda duell

    Outfit 2 is the outfit I like most as it is smart and casual that could be worn for a night out with friends and family.

  • Heather Mary

    Outfit #4 for Me. Being older, on the larger side of the size scale, I think this would suit me much more and looks smart for lots of occasions.

  • Joy Rockey

    Prefer No4. Something you could wear anywhere – work or out with friends

  • Andrea

    Outfit 4, it’s really versatile. I would wear it almost anywhere! Coffee catch up’s, shopping, dinner and it’s smart enough to wear to work!

  • Fiona Ford

    Outfit 4- It’s elegant and after losing 50 kilos I am trimmer, so, I would wear it to my mother in-laws 90th Birthday Party, SUPRISE!

  • Kerry Hobbs

    Love outfit 3 simple casual yet stylish with a wonderful splash of the colour red, which by the way is my favourite colour. Great ensemble to pack for travelling. Dress it up by adding a great necklace.

  • Brenda Poulter

    Outfit 4 is so elegant. Perfect for the office or out with the girls. Colours will mix and match easily with other pieces in your wardrobe. Go Millers.?

  • Sara Cristina

    Outfit #1 is basically my uniform at the moment. Different patterns, various designs and oh so comfortable.

  • Lndylu

    For me, it would be Outfit #1. The whole outfit looks really comfy, especially the shoes. I wear a lot of navy and love how these pants match the top really well.

  • Margaret Brodie

    Outfit 4 so stylish, and glamorous at the same time. I would wear it to casual outings on weekdays and weekends. Perfect to dress up or down. Eye catching.

  • Kerry Phillips

    #4 is a winner for me. Neutral tones means you can wear it for any occasion. Also for larger sizing it gives more coverage.

  • Jax Jacqui Jacqueline

    I like outfit 2 & 3…I would wear #2 to the zoo with my kids, so the Tiger’s will like me.

  • Sharon Lee

    Outfit two rocks and roars! Stylish, comfortable and a touch of bling. Perfect for a night at a Zoo Twilights concert or a casual dinner.

    • Hi Sharon, well done you are one of our winners and have one a $100 Gift voucher to spend in your favourite Millers store!
      Can you please email the team at if you will be spending your gift voucher in Australian or New Zealand stores and the postal address you would like the Gift Voucher sent to. Congratulations again. Love Betty, Seeing Me Project xx

      • Sharon Lee

        Thanks somuch very excited about spending the voucher on some awesome items !!

  • Suzana Edwards

    I would wear the animal tee from outfit 2 overlayed by the knit cardigan in outfit 3 along with the black jeans from outfit 4, the accessories I think I would have to fine tune. I would wear this to the crown casino as thats my favourite place to go but really I could wear it anywhere I go to look real smart ?

  • Janine

    Outfit 1, to any “family do”, bright cheery, yet
    sophisticated and easily hides marks from cute kiddly-winks sticky fingers!

  • Jenny

    Outfit 4 for lunch out with friends.

  • Rhonda Chapman

    I love outfit 4 as I think it is very stylish, suiting all women in age and love the colour combinations. However as i don’t wear many long sleeve tops I would definitely love outfit number 1 with the bright colours. I would swap the long sleeve tee for one of the many coloured or black shorter sleeve ones from Millers i already have 🙂

  • kathleen Hill

    outfit 3 Looks so stylish and comfy and perfect colours for my trip back to UK to meet new great grandson

  • Jo Kar

    I like outfit # 2 and #4 the best. # 2 is so me, very casual and comfortable but also stylish to wear out the movies etc.
    #4 is a very smart and confident look.

  • Stacey Somerville

    Outfit 1 would be perfect for work. It looks comfortable and fun but also smart; perfect in a preschool environment.

  • Erica Browne

    Outfit 3 you could wear anywhere and you could dress it up or down depending on where you were going e.g. Theatre show or a boat trip. Love the red cardigan

  • nicole gurman

    Outfit 3 I love the red cardigan for day and night wear, comfy and relaxing I would wear this daily anywhere!

  • Wendy S

    outfit 3 would be great for lunch out with friends at a café. Nice and relaxed style which would be comfortable to wear and would suit most venues.

  • Linda Wallace

    Outfit 3 is ideal for a shopping day, very easy to wear and comfy, just what a gal needs

  • Dawn Pearse

    Outfit #1 for me, all the colours that suit my complexion, uplifting and comfortable to wear, can be dressed up or down. xx

  • Pina Wetter

    My outfit of choice is # 4. It’s simple, stylish yet stunning and I’d wear it almost everywhere! Black and white are also great colours that you can build your Millers wardrobe around and with the tan sleeveless cardigan, it just lifts the whole outfit beautifully. Fabulous matching handbag to tie it all together! I love the heels but I can’t wear them these days so I’d be inclined to wear a dressy pair of flats – black with a bit of bling on the top.

  • Rosemary O’Neill

    Outfit 1: I love the bright colours & it looks so comfortable. Comfort, style & easy to wear when shopping with some great friends. Then a nice afternoon of fun & laughter.

  • Monty Montgomery

    Outfit 4 stylish and so versatile I would wear it for day time lunches and shopping, wear it to work or out to dinner.

  • Jeneen

    Outfit 4 for me it looks comfy and stylish I would wear this on a cool evening or even a day out. I would also take the outfit on holidays with me cause it could be worn in anyway with add ons

  • Natalia

    Outfit 3 is my favourite look. Love the colour.

  • Outfit number 1 for me
    Bright and bold yet still comfy
    For brunch or to a BBQ
    This would work for my work too!

  • Wendy Curan

    outfit 2 Tigers what more can I say ware it anywhere everywhere plain or dress it a little

  • Jane Weston

    Outfit 4 – stylish and still young looking covering all the bits that need it and making the wearer feel great.

  • Carmel Mitchell

    It’s a tossup between outfits 1 and 4. # 4 is very stylish and professional, but I think I prefer the casual but gorgeous autumn colours of #1.

  • Sharon Stack

    No.4 It’s a “go anywhere”(almost) outfit. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realised the Handbag was almost identical to the on I bought at Christmas.
    Very verasitle !!!

  • DUCA

    Outfit 2 and 4 . I love it !! Outfit 2 give yang and comfort look , 4 its more elegant and would ware it at job or even night out . Love stylish and colour.Both are beautiful ! ♡♡

  • Caren Green

    Outfit #2 It looks stylish and comfortable it’s something i could see myself wearing and feeling good in.

  • Sylvia Graham

    outfit #4 would wear out to dinner or anywhere. love it

  • veena kumari

    Outfit 3 is eyecatching, comfy,smart looking , can wear anywhere-to the shops, university, and even at party.

  • Mina longmuir

    Outfit 1 is really ‘ME’. The bold colours and design will make me shine and impress when hubby takes me to a weekend getaway

  • Karen Garreffa

    Outfit 1, casual yet comfy! I would wear this to my housewarming party, as I am suddenly single at 53!

  • Shell Molineaux

    Outfit number 2, casual comfort, wear anywhere, suitable for all ages! Rock it!

  • christine morris

    My Favourite outfit #1, i love the bright colours, makes me feel younger, it’s casual yet stylish enough for a day out with the girls, Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Natasha

    Outfit 2 is perfect for dressing up or down. So versitile and comfortable! Id wear it to work then dress it up with a necklace and hit the town.

  • Lisa Adey

    Number 1 as it suits our lovely Gold Coast weather & smart casual atmosphere in the cooler months.

  • Charmaine Rees

    I love outfit 3! It is perfect for all occasions and I actually bought that waterfall cardi yesterday ❤️❤️

  • Jeanette Yates

    Outfit 4, this is one that would defiantly suit me to a “T”. Love the colours, just right for autumn.

  • Anne Doherty

    Outfit #3 for Me! Multi-functional pieces that go well together as an outfit but equally useful apart! 🙂

  • Nicole Ward

    Outfit Three,
    Is the choice for me.
    Versatile, classy and on trend,
    wear to work or even to the kids sport on the weekend!

  • Mary Moschovakis

    outfit 3 is for me as its smart for work elegant for evening and casual for the weekend

  • Deborah Stewart

    I just love Millers outfit #4, casual yet dressy would feel very confident wearing this outfit anywhere work or play,very versitile, love Millers clothing.

  • natasha bermingham

    M.illers #Outfit 2 I lust
    L.ove the top a must
    R.eally trendy with jeans I adore
    S.o stylish the jacket wanting more.

  • Nada Darker

    I love Millers outfit 2 and 4. Both are stylish, and most important they look comfortable,, I could see myself wearing them day or night to any occasion.
    I love all four outfits,,,

  • Jann Trapp

    Outfit 4 this looks so trendy ,just wear it anywhere so great

  • Amanda

    Option 3 is my favorite,
    I would wear it to work but also could easily go straight from work to catch up with friends in it.

  • Judy Leonard

    I absolutely love #outfit 3 and I would definitely wear that to work!! It looks so comfortable!!!

  • Kim Marie Patrick

    Outfit number 2, black is always smart with jeans. I would wear this to the movies or out with friends on the town on Friday.

  • Suzie McCusker

    Outfit 4 would take me anywhere Id want or need to go, the world would be mine strong and elegant feeling confident

  • Jackie Atkins

    Outfit 1 it looks so comfortable yet very classy. Would be suitable to wear out to lunch with the girls at our local Wineries.

  • Julie

    I would mix ‘n’ match the pieces differently, but outfit 2 is my preference, as it can be worn anywhere.

  • Melinda Bolitho

    Outfit 3 is my pick, it’s bright and bold with style to behold!

  • Miri Milne

    Millers outfit Number one is made for me.
    With chronic illness I need the ease of stretchy pants and tops that please.
    The blend of comfort and looks makes me happy.

  • Jenni Crowther

    I like outfit no 4, classic, timeless colours that can be dressed up or down quite easily.

  • Rozella Borell

    Outfit 4 is playful yet stylish. It has that urbane feel to it and would be suitable to wear anywhere. I love how the colours complement each other. Yep I would buy this most definitely.

  • Jenny Coleman

    Outfit 4 as it is classic and I could wear it anywhere! !

  • Kym Kitchener

    outfit 4 very smart stripes never go out of fashion and this set goes so well together

  • Outfit 2. I love the casual dressy look and it can be worn to so many places.

  • Terri Sommerville

    Outfit 2 I have the tee and jeans already the biker jacket and wedges are a great idea love the versatility in all the clothing.

  • Marg Campbell

    Outfit No 4 for me … it’s classy, chic, understated and I love the colours. Just gorgeous.

  • Nat Moncrieff

    Outfit 4 is fabulous. It is casual enough to go shopping in, or a café date with friends. With a bit of jewellery it could see you out to dinner as well!

  • Elizabeth

    The outfit I’d choose, is jacket, top, jeans and shoes, stylish for day or night wear, I’d wear it everywhere!

  • Denise

    Love Millers
    simple but stylish,the stores have friendly staff the outfits are amazing and affordable sizes are great you could never walk in and not buy something to make you feel good Thanks Millers

  • Carolyn Johnson

    Outfit #4 just love, love, love how the handbag matches so well with the colour and style combination. Would wear it anywhere!

  • elizabeth

    Love the look of No.4. Sophisticated, classic and oh so chic. Dress it up/down and it’s trans seasonal. Gorgeous for lunch with the girls.

  • Danika

    Love the first look the harem pants are so comfortable and you can mix so many colours with the pattern on the pants.

  • Maureen T Harrison

    Having trouble deciding. I like different pieces from all 4. I would wear them both at home and out.

  • Robyn Duval

    Outfit number 4 for me. Black, white and camel, could match with heaps of coloured accessories, would also go well with the red cardi in style 3

  • Eva Kiraly

    I’d love to wear #Outfit 4, shopping or out to the cinema or even my next gig, I’d look classy!

  • Lara Haynes Stewart

    outfit #2 for me

  • Karen Gowlett

    Outfit 4. Wear it anywhere. Casual, sophisticated and in between and the bag is wonderful for all those things one carry for the grandies.

  • Ann Dewit

    Love outfit 1 it is truly amazing and bright

  • Paula Carey

    I love outfit 1 would be great for wearing on the weekend

  • Joy Johnson

    Outfit 2 – casual, smart and fresh. Love the jacket as well. All of my Miller’s pieces are so well fitted and easy to wear.

  • Kula Hatzis

    Outfit number 2 is great! Something you could wear every day ☺

  • Karen Nickels

    I love outfit 4, I think it’s perfect, smart yet casual. Great for all occasions and comfortable.

  • Zafiro Klironomos

    Outfit 2# love the tiger xx you can wear with comfort and ease..

  • Helena Leung

    Outfit 2 for a casual midweek lunch with my girlfriends. The trendy biker jacket keeps me feeling young! The tee make a simple statement piece!

  • Nicole Williams

    Outfit 2 is amazing. I could wear that just about anywhere and the wedges match perfectly.

  • Tracey Warner

    Outfit 4. It’s classy, versatile, feminine & fun. I’d wear it to work then straight out to dinner with friends.

  • TA Hillary

    Outfit four with miller’s style and cuts this outfit suits women of all sizes flattering stripes and stylish sleeveless cardi – dress up with heals and a necklaces for going out or boots and a scarf for casual great all round outfit ?

  • Jenny Swift

    Outfit #1 would definitely turn heads for all the right reasons… Perfect for the school run, shopping trips and out for coffee with friends.

  • Josie Wagner

    No 2 is me to a T. Comfy and still stylish for a Bar BQ or shopping and catching up with the girls for a cuppa.

  • Jo

    Outfit #2 – love the look and comfortable to wear out at night or shopping!

  • Fatima qureshi

    I love outfit #4. You can remove the vest and make it casual with flats.I recently traveled overseas and 3/4 of my wardrobe was from Miller’s. From beachwear to dining out, I mixed and matched and was prepared for any event. Recently started shopping online with Miller’s and found it a extremely positive experience. Love the stories, fashion and ideas on this site. Miller’s really works for me!

  • emsmum

    Outfit 2. Ideal for shopping, lunch at the club, weekend away or slip on the jacket and you’re set for a casual dinner or partying all night.

  • Rachael Fernandes

    outfit 3 – black, white with a touch of red! Very stylish – so would be worn to work and then to a dinner outing afterwards.

  • Yolande Cave

    Outfit 4 looks so comfortable. You could wear it anywhere from a game of footy supporting the boys to a lunch date with the girls

  • Michelle Green

    Love them all but number 1 is perfect for me. Nice and comfortable, casual and classy. Great to wear out shopping and for coffee dates with my girlfriends.

  • Holly6

    Outfit 4. I can just see myself in this outfit slinging my leg over a vesper behind a cute Italian guy and holding on tight.

  • Susan Rowland

    If I could I would pick them all, mix and match. I would wear them anywhere really, barbeque, picnic, club, cinema, visiting or work

  • tracywed

    Outfit 4 its stylish and can be worn anywhere at all Id wear it to my friends 70th birthday coming up soon

  • Kristy Grey

    Outfit 2 <3

  • Kristy Grey

    Outfit 2 For Shopping <3

  • Jacqui Lagaluga

    When teamed with carefully chosen accessories a casual or more formal look can be achieved with outfit 4 that I’d wear to lunch or dinner with friends.

  • Myeffort

    Outfit 1 would take me to the gallery or on a shopping expedition; seriously a girl needs comfort to concentrate!

  • Myeffort

    Outfit 2 is a great idea although I make so bold in saying that I would give the tiger a miss in favour of a dynamic print! Wear anywhere – I’m confident!

  • Myeffort

    #3 looks comfy & flattering; especially love the print pants. Short of a cocktail party or ball, I’d wear it virtually anywhere

  • Myeffort

    #4: I’d take this sleeveless cardi & team with midi suede style skirt, a boho print blouse and knee high boots to take me to the moon & back

  • Yani Tupani

    I’ll go with Outfit 1. It’s a style I love and carry well and I’ll don this refreshing style for a movie date with hubby.

  • elsie bygate

    Outfit three is just me would were it anywere night and outfor lunch

  • Allison White

    the last outfit looks so good but the model is wearing skinny legs not the jeans advertised. The outfit would not look the same with wider legs I don’t think.

  • brcolo

    Outfit 4 Love the natural tones!

  • Liz Maclean

    Outfit 2 Lunch outings, Housework, Shopping, Home Office, Matinee
    Cinema, Girly hangouts, Pick up kids, The Zoo, Hospital visit, Air Flight, Visit
    family, & BBQ’s

  • Maria Georgiou

    OUTFIT 3 DEFINATELY HAS THE WOW FACTOR!! Gorgeous red/black combination that camouflages my post baby weight yet it shows ..HOT SWEET MILLERS MUMMY!!