Year of the Rooster!

Welcome to the Year of the Rooster!

This past weekend, we welcomed the Year of the Rooster, with millions celebrating across the world by gathering with family and friends together to share food and festivities designed to bring prosperity and luck for the forthcoming year.

We’re taking a look at some of the traditions of the Lunar New Year…

Traditional Feast
What’s a celebration without food, and lots of it?!

The traditional Lunar New Year feast brings the family together, with each dish representing a positive outcome or desire; uncut noodles (the longer, the better!) are said to represent longevity, whole fish (head and tail included) are prepared to attract prosperity, spring rolls are eaten for wealth, and mandarins, oranges and pomelos are said to represent wealth and good fortune.

Around this time, many families will decorate their houses and businesses with symbols of good luck; fish are considered particularly fortunate, and pineapples (with the spiky leaves still attached) are symbolic of wealth.

Children and young people are given red packets containing money, symbolic of hopes for good fortune throughout the year, and gifts (usually fruits, cakes and sweets) are given amongst friends and relatives.

The colour red has always been a symbolically lucky colour amongst Asian cultures; the Chinese word for ‘red’ sounds similar to the word ‘prosperous’, which is why this colour in particular dominates the Lunar New Year, including decorations, food and clothing.

Red is also said to invoke love, romance, leadership, passion and courage!
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